Tuesday, October 03, 2006

missing him still....

why am i missing him so much ? been telling myself that i'm already used to this perennial BYJ waiting game but there are still moments, w/c is getting to be quite often lately, that i can't help but long to see his face, see his smile, see his eyes, hear his voice, read his news.

ahhh, the agony and ecstasy of being a BYJ fan....

back to my real world....i found these cute screen captures (from shieshie's blog) of yong joon and his "wife" in april snow. first time i've seen behind the scenes of a BYJ bed scene though this is not really a 'bed scene' (w/c means sexy bed scene in my vocabulary ^^^) but they're just lying in bed, talking & fully clothed :p but still, its nice to see him in this kind of a scene looking very casual, looking like the guy next door and quite w/in my reach.....even only in my dreams ^^


Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Frances,
First time I see these behind the scene, thank you very much for sharing.
Yeah, he looks really down to earth in these pics, like any ordinary man, ah dearm on dream on.

PS : I'm relieved you gals in Philippes are OK after the typhoon.

12:05 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hello camille,
what a dreamy ordinary guy....sigh...

thanks for the concern. my heart still aches for those whose lives were greatly affected by the calamity but filipinos are survivors and we'll make it through these rough times ;)

2:32 AM  
Blogger bb said...

i saw this clip... i thought i saw that he was barefooted when he walked into the bedroom... i thought almost all koreans wear house slippers when in the house? or they don't wear them to the bedroom? mmm... is suehan or any other korean fans around? care to enlighten me?

oh maybe they just forgot about the darned slippers :p

p.s. & frances, that's one very very very cute boy next door. i swear the boys next door over here in singapore were never this cute. not even half as cute :p

8:48 AM  
Anonymous jaime said...

bb, you saw that clip?! Where IS that clip? First time I see him climbing into bed getting ready for a bed scene. What a lucky lady!

Haha bb, I do have a few 'boys next doors' who are very very cute! but unfortunately they are really 'boys', only in their single digit!

6:57 PM  
Blogger bb said...

errr.. jaime, the clip's in my harddisk :p

actually this is part of the series on AS Making that has been screening in japan every sunday night, japan time 10pm. there've been 5 instalments already, and those screencaps you often seen with the pink-&-white M [M for MNet] are all from this AS Making series.

this 'bed scene' came from Part 5, aired last sunday. parts of it are here.

and you can follow these instructions to download the video.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous jaime said...

oh I see, thanks for the link.

9:37 AM  
Blogger frances said...

i prefer a barefooted yong joon ^^
...its triple the fun if he's barechested too **blush**

1:25 AM  

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