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Wahttt ??!! after all these mind boggling blogging this past 1 year, 2 months & 11 days & i haven't blog anything about Frank Shin/Shin Dong Hyuk from Hotelier ? that is so remiss of me :( i'm feeling so guilty coz Frank is such a special guy and he deserves all the attention he can get.

i borrowed the above title from one of the blog postings i saw in the net last night. the lady who posted the comment got simply blown away again by BYJ aka Frank Shin when she rewatched Hotelier... :D same here, i just started rewatching the drama ( again ??!!) and the dashing M&A specialist literally swept me off my feet, oh yes, all over again ^^^

i like the concept of the drama coz it gives us this glimpse on how the usually efficient hotel staff actually goes about their daily routine & how crazy it can get but most of all, it's the story of that distant, dashing, lonely, stubborn, one-man-woman M&A specialist that caught my attention. must admit that amongst Yong Joon's dramas, i rank Hotelier just below HWRL & WLS. i feel that Yong Joon should have been featured in a lot more scenes (that's the biased byjfan in me talking) but thankfully, Yong Joon's captivating portrayal of Frank more than made up for that shortcoming ;)

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a lot had been written about yong joon's preparation in doing this drama and the impact it made amongst tv viewers in korea and beyond. not surprising at all. i think he did a great job on this one and in typical BYJ preparations prior to facing the camera, he truly succeeded in giving us Frank Shin in the flesh.

i'm reposting these 2 Hotelier reviews (from sukting and TKL, respectively) from that somehow summed up how i felt about Yong Joon as Frank/Dong Hyuk after watching (& rewatching :p) the drama.

"From the harsh person who assaults others with sarcastic remarks and boorish acts, he becomes TRULY mild mannered. I like scenes when he calls her from behind most. They are cute, amazing and amusing. He can be so endearing when he does that. Dong Hyuk never lets go of any chance to show that he loves her, no wonder he emerges as the love winner. His English name and his actions really tally - Frank.

I like Bae in here more than in Winter Sonata. He is more charming and is steadfast in love & he never gives up and does not allow his prey any breathing space. He can be wilful like a spoilt child as once he has his mind set, he goes all out to get her. Be touched at the way that he looks at Jin Young tenderly. Some say his acting here is less formidable. I beg to differ. Dong Hyuk is cold by nature and doesn't know how to express himself well. Bae is a rare actor who can make you feel for him when he acts.

Bae Yong Joon was very confident in portraying this cold and aloof image of Frank Shin, a man who has no companion and friends as he is an orphan. Yet he was also able to express the emotions of the character effectively, like when Frank Shin met his long-lost father and sister. The character Frank Shin deserves an Award for "The guy who doesn't know what it means to be embarrassed". Frank Shin is one brave guy who can confess his love for Jin Young at any time and anywhere. Be it when he just steps down the plane, when he is about to board one, before he goes to sleep, in private place, in public places, when he is fully dressed, and even when he is half naked. He must be congratulated for never missing out a chance to tell Jin Young of his love. Yet, he was the only character in the series who knew what he wanted from the beginning.


Blogger bb said...

hehe, glad you did this piece, frances.

i also love what the two 'hoteliers' wrote about frank. my sentiments exactly!

honestly, i would rank bae-dramas in the order of my own preference like this: AS, HWRL, FL, Hotelier, WLS, Scandal... strange huh?

but yea, WLS is not my biggest love, altho i do like it, and that's my first bae-drama. it's special to me coz it brought me to him, but i prefer the man in hotelier, and how he had portrayed the man.

and hehe, the pics you've picked are great too! you included two of my fave scenes, the take-off-shoe scene in the LV hotel, and the swimming pool scene!

11:08 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hey bb,
my two fave scenes too!!& the shoe scene reminds me of that line from notting hill ~ sth like big feet means ^^^ tsk tsk..notty thots :D

gosh, its so difficult to rank the byj dramas more so the men played by byj !! jaeho broke my heart, insu stirred my compassion, frank made me feel so very special, joonsang brought back bittersweet memories & chowon showed us the pain of redemption... haha, i think i just made my ranking !!

3:35 AM  
Blogger bb said...

haha, yea, someone once sent me an email with the shoe size vs *** size conversion chart :p

but of course, research and studies have proven there's no correlation betw the two... haha!

p.s. and you did, didn't you? you'd just ranked your bae-drama preferences!

5:28 AM  
Blogger mrs a said...

Hotelier was one of his great ones!!!

Althought I like his acting best in AS,I didn't like the storyline as well. Too depressing for me. But WS and Hotelier are my favorites. WS was the first I saw and I loved him in it and will never forget it but Hotelier so far is a fav of mine too. Good story line, good supporting actors/actresses and a wonderful job by wuri YongJoon. He pulled off being a hard character who eventually could show love. I don't think many actors could of done that so well and made it fit like he did. He showed so much sincerity when he found he could love. I have watched it so many times - Never get tired of it!

Oh, I love that MBC Black and White pic of him - that is one I had not seen before!

Thanks for the memories!

5:32 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hi mrs a,
he's the main reason why i managed to finish the series. oh, i like the story & the acting of the other actors are good but for obvious reasons, i kept looking & waiting for him in almost all the scenes that i kind of overlooked some of the impt little details of the drama...crazy me ^^ & i still wished there's a whole lot more of frank shin scenes in the drama !!

8:21 AM  
Blogger frances said...

bb, so it seems that i have to rely on the science of observation to dispute the research findings ?? :D ^^^...yeah, ok, dont mind me, i'm just feeling loca tonight :p

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! I was wacthing this episode where he is sitting down in his suit and he stole my breath like I couldn't breathe. I could still feel that whenever I look into his smoking eyes and at his dashing face. Oh yeah, did I ever mention that he came into one of my dreams and he is right by my face and I fall right into his arms?!! YEP! Boy, I wish he was alive on this planet.

3:04 PM  

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