Tuesday, September 19, 2006

PyeongChang 2014

South Korea is in a buzz lately. last june 22, it got short listed in its bid to host the 2014 Winter Games ^^ the chosen candidate city from Korea is PyeongChang. i think this time around, the koreans will do everything in their power to get the nod of the IOC coz the last time it made its bid, Korea lost their chance to host the 2010 winter olympics when it narrowly lost in the final voting to Vancouver. the other two candidate cities that were short listed for the 2014 event were Salzburg,Austria and Sochi, Russia. the announcement of the host city will be made on july 2007 in Guatemala City. well, i like all the 3 candidate cities and i just hope the most deserving bid wins ;)

one thing i like about this kind of events is looking at all those lovely emblems that are full of wonderful colors and significant meanings. the three emblems from the 3 cities are quite impressive !!

now, why am i blogging about this? of course, i found something that connects this to Yong Joon ^^^ it's none other than YongPyong Resort !! its that wintry romantic wonderland where Minhyong/Joonsang and Yoojin spent some of their unforgettable togetherness in the classic TV drama "Winter Sonata".

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i'm sure lots and lots of overseas BYJ fans have gone to Korea and visited Yongpyong :) and for those who have not yet been to korea like me :( , we may not have been there but after watching WLS for the nth time, it sure feels like we've been there and we just can feel the magic & beauty of this place through the eyes of Joonsang and Yoojin.

YongPyong (also known as Dragon Valley) forms an integral part of the olympic bid of Korea coz it's proposed as a major venue in some of the important winter sport events like the alpine giant slalom and likewise, the resort is being considered as one of the athletes villages. YongPyong is situated at the foot of Mt. Balwang and is found in PyeongChang, Korea's 3rd largest county & located in Gangwon-do Province. accdg to one online report, South Korea has about 13 ski resorts and many are just a mere 30 minutes away from Seoul and YongPyong has the distinction of being a world class ski resort and the 'Mecca of Winter Sports in Korea'.

seeing all these gorgeous photos of snow just made me want to watch WLS all over again @@@

photos from yongpyong resort were taken from google images


Anonymous jaime said...

frances, I think Korea should include Winter Sonata and Bae Yong Joon as part of sales pitch too. With the ever increasing popularity of the drama, it might even improve the chance of PyeongChang's chance of winning the bid!

If we get to vote instead of the IOC committe, I'm sure PyeongChang will host the 2014 Olympics! Cheers!

5:02 PM  
Blogger mrs a said...

i hope they get it too! Looks so lovely and charming. Picturesque. When I was small my Dad made it a tradition to watch the winter olympics together and really loved learning about the countries. And the emblems are so cool. I never miss the opening ceremonies.

Hey, I love that pic of him. Not sure I seen that one. Imagine running into someone like that - be still my heart!

7:56 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hi jaime,
yong joon and his midas touch ^^
or the korean grp could send each IOC member a copy of WLS dvd to further convince them why they shd pick PyeongChang !! :p

9:12 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hey mrs a,
i love the pageantry of olympics, particularly the opening ceremonies!!
:D after seeing different images of BYJ, Joonsang can still manage to give me that dreamy feel ♥

9:18 AM  
Blogger tiffany said...

Me want to go Yong Pyong. Me want to go Korea!

10:43 AM  

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