Monday, September 11, 2006

The Legend

got dumbstruck again when i saw in quilt this pic from a korean news report
@@@ Yong Joon in the flesh as the Great King !!! accdg to the article, the english title of Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi is going to be "The Legend". how apt!! here's an actor who has the makings of becoming a living legend in his own right for spearheading the way in uplifting the image of korean culture in asia and beyond and he is the main lead character in a drama entitled 'The Legend'...a very nice coincidence ^^

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the excitement for the drama is definitely building up and byj fans are already quite busy creating lovely artworks to honor the Great King :) ~


Blogger HeippieH said...

Very nice pictures and artworks, I love them all, especially the 8th. Did I see tears in his eyes in the 9th picture. though he looked great, but please, don't make him cry in this drama, or any drama, any more.

11:23 PM  
Blogger byjglobal said...

It breaks my heart when I see his teary eyes. I can't stand it. Please, please do not make him cry just as H says. Let everybody else, anybody else cry, but not wuri YJ. I can not bear it.

6:25 PM  

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