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a kkd film with byj ?

first time i'll be making a blog entry that is almost non-byj ^^ though it's the thought of yong joon that pushed me to write something about director kim ki-duk. yes, he's none other than the south korean film director who is getting high praises in the international scene but unfortunately, is being snubbed in his very own country. [click here to read more on his most recent remarks in english chosun re his 'rejection' in korea]

actually, i've just seen only one film of director kim so far, his 2001 difficult-to-watch-and- emotionally-unnerving film, "Bad Guy" also known as "Nabbeun Namja". i'm not really into dark films and this film is not one of the best of kkd nor a great favorite of critics but it did made an impact on me. maybe because of its disturbing rawness, its haunting & somewhat mournful images and even the unacceptable (at least for me) fate of the female lead's character.

"Bad Guy" is not a 'pleasant watch' but it tells us one thing that we already know, & to quote an online critic - that everyone wants to live an honest life, and life often has other plans in mind. When the unexpected occurs, the true test of humanity is to see how we roll with the punches. In Kim Ki-Duk's marvelous, evocative universe, the test is both the ends and the means. We are all bad guys, he seems to say…now, what are you going to do about it?...

the 46 yr old 'Bad Boy' of korean cinema became the first South Korean director to win the Silver Bear award for Best Director for his film "Samaria" (Samaritan Girl) at the 54th Berlin Film Festival on Feb 2004.

on Sept 2004, director kim was also awarded the Silver Lion as Best Director at the competition sector of the 61st Venice International Film Festival for his film "3-Iron" . this film also known as "Locataires" did pretty well in the box office of France, as mentioned by camille in her blog.

his recent films like "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring" and "The Bow" are getting the nod from foreign box office & foreign critics but sad to say, these films can't even reach the 100,000 ticket sales mark in south korea :( ......same story, getting accolades in foreign lands but getting almost nil recognition in his native land. i guess the korean critics and audience are just not too keen on the film style and approach of director kim.

so, what's the point of me blogging kim ki-duk? of course, it's still connected with yong joon :) actually, it's one of my dream to see yong joon do a film with kim ki duk. what?! ok, this may not sit too well w/ some byj fans ( or probably w/ many??!!) coz director kim's films have this reputation of being on the dark side, rough on the edges & tends to focus on the marginalized elements of society. his films are also known for its very minimal dialogue, evocative imagery and uncomfortable portrayals of the female lead character. but i wish yong joon will have an opportunity to work with a director who has this different perspective in storytelling and film making. the first and only big star so far to be featured in a kkd film is jang dong gun for "The Coast Guard" .

geez, writing about kim ki-duk is already making me feel somewhat emotionally drained!! k, back on my wishful wish....oh, but i have this complete confidence in yong joon's acting that even a collaboration with a director known for his 'disconnect' with the korean audience and a fast & furious but efficient filming timetable (he can finish shooting in 2 weeks !) would be a satisfying artistic challenge and accomplishment to yong joon's continuously advancing acting career and another chance for us to witness an onscreen transformation of a very different yong joon.


Blogger yokee said...

hi frances..

what a coincidence. i just watched both 3 Iron n Bad Guys some days ago. to me both movies seem to hv some similarities. cant explain but both gave me the same feel.

oh u should also watch The Isle. again u will see the similarities with the previous 2 but its has sth different with a bizarre twist.

yj n kkd? hmm...

5:10 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hey yokee,
my friend is lending me his Summer,Spring dvd and will try to watch it this weekend. i guess his films have this similar feel to it coz they all deal w/ the darker side of emotions?? will find out after i've seen more of his films.

haha, i think you're one of the many that are not enthusiastic about a byj-kkd team up ^^ as for me, i just want yong joon to explore the other areas of korean cinema & besides, it would be nice to see 2 mavericks in one project :)

8:17 AM  
Blogger tiffany said...

I like KKD's 'Spring, Summer..' and '3 Iron'. But KKD's movies take some getting used to and I'm not sure I'll like all his movies.

Having said that, if there's a chance, I'm sure BYJ wouldn't mind doing KKD's movie. He likes a challenge and doing different things. ^^

12:10 PM  
Blogger marissa said...

hi frances,

I've read that english chosun article on KKD and our dear Yong Joon also came to mind.

I've yet to watch any of his work but I've watched the Isle so if they are the say then it will take me a while to get used to it.

7:37 PM  
Blogger bb said...

okay okay i know it's his choice and all that... but personally, i'd much rather YJ does something else.

after all, there're a lot more other good korean directors he hasn't worked with.

KKD's films are a tad too 'alternative' for me. i think it's not so much the theme i'm uncomfortable with, it's how explicitly graphic he can get. with unusual stoylines, bizarre twists and sometimes even sordid or gory details... these things if filmed in an explicitly graphic manner become a bit much for me to take lor...

that said, to each his own... it's YJ's choice la :)

10:15 PM  
Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

I never see any KKD's movies yet but I think 3-Iron (Locataires) is the most succesfull K-movie in France (box office and reviews).
Too bad, it was shown recently in French television but I was not at home to watch.

When AS was released in France, Pretty Pictures had written that it's a movie which is as good as 3-Iron (in all advertisings).
It's why you often saw the name of this movie in French reviews of AS I translated.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Addicted to BYJ said...

KKD is one of my favorite movie directors. Yea, most of his movies are really dark and hard to watch. I didn't have the stomach to finish some of his movies such as Address Unknown. My favorite is Spring, Summer... and Spring. Beautiful movie!

BYJ-KKD team could be interesting! BYJ seems to be very methodical and deliberate in his acting, which seems to require lots of takes for a perfect scene, but I heard KKD do not let the actors do more than one take since he believes the mistakes or imperfection are a part of the movie experience. Maybe that is where the rawness of his movies comes from. And a speedy finish. It would be a challenge for both of them, but they could come up with something awesome. Something completely different.

I did hear about Korean audience giving a cold shoulder to KKD's work. Probably, it is harder for the Korean to digest since his movies deal with lots of social issues that they'd rather not talk about.

9:04 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hi there addicted to byj,
yong joon and director kim are poles apart in work style but they do have the same dedication in their craft and somehow have this similar 'cold treatment' from korean critics.

the thought of a kkd-byj team making a film that's something totally different is what's making me dream on for their future collaboration. would really love to see yong joon do something so un-byj ^^

7:06 PM  

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