Monday, August 14, 2006

it must be magic

i was supposed to blog something about the byj fans & got hopelessly distracted with his latest ntv vods from japan....

he looks on the thinner side but still so goodlooking (^o^) i particularly like the last photo where he was having this talk w/ the CF ppl, i just love the way he looks in there, the way his hair is a little messed up & the way his chest is teasing us @@...haha, another classic case of missing him so much ^^

so, where was i?? oh yes, gonna blog something about the byj fans. this is just an add- on to the very interesting articles my fellow baesis bloggers have written about. marissa posted in her blog about fandom, flowerbossa translated the exciting meeting-byj experiences of fellow fan satovic and bb started writing about fanmories with tiff. all very nice stuff and this made me go over my small collection and compiled a few pics that would give us a glimpse of this unique and special bond yong joon has with his fans from all over.

i actually wouldn't mind being in the background and amongst a sea of ppl and be able to see only the top of his gorgeous head or a portion of his thick silky hair or the sight of his broad muscular back or even just the tip of his long masculine fingers when he waves, especially that oh so cute right pinkie finger ! what's impt for me is the rare experience of being there, exactly in the right moment when he smiled, waved and said 'hello, how are you my dear family' ! wow, that i think is such a high & no wonder a lot of byj fans follow him around and even cross oceans just to see him and be with him in that special moment. the feeling must simply be magical ^^

of course, there are those who are so lucky and got the chance of seeing him up close, touch him, talk to him, take a pic with him w/ his arms around the fan's shoulder, embrace him and even watch him w/ only inches away take off his jacket.....@@@ i'm SO enviousssss !!

oh, i almost forgot !! some simply have all the luck in the world & so gutsy enough to be able to surprise yong joon with one solid kiss !! ....hmm, must try to remember that :-}


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, frances!
This is the first time that I'm leaving you a comment.
Sometimes, I visit your blog and read your postings. It's very enjoyable and I can feel your love towards YJ through your postings.

And I never saw the last picture. I don't think I could ever do that like her even though I have a chance to meet him. What a brave fan.


7:07 PM  
Blogger bb said...

that was in taiwan. that girl just grabbed him and kissed his cheek out of a sudden.

to be honest, i ain't sure i like what she did. kindda rude, i thought. sure, it was cute and all that, but they were on stage and she's putting him in a position that he had no choice but to accept that. not so nice la... what if everyone starts doing it?

that said and done, of course i envy her la :p

p.s. thanks for bringing back all these lovely memories, frances.

7:47 PM  
Blogger frances said...

thanks suehan!
first time i did this for an actor and only yong joon was able to inspire me to go public, so to speak^^

i think what the fan did was like an 'its now or never' thing :) she had her chance and she threw away all her inhibitions and did the almost impossible thing!! i wonder what she's feeling & thinking now when she recalls what she did that day @@

8:03 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hey bb, hope you're doing well in perth and having a grand time!!

what the fan did was kind of too forward but can't totally blame her ^^ she must have been so deliriously happy & excited to be standing that close to yong joon that she completely forgot her gmrc and simply took her once in a lifetime chance! envy her too :-)

8:19 AM  
Anonymous jaime said...

Wow frances, those are some lucky ladies! Being so close to him, even KISSED him! She must be one tall girl, otherwise our Yong Joon's neck would have been hurt by her bending him like that! He's such a good sport and a super star, didn't look shocked nor offended. He really loves his family!

Still I admire her for having the quick thinking and courage to grasp this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With Yong Joon's popularity now, it's no way for us to even get 1000 ft close to him!

6:05 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hi there jaime,
what can i say? some ladies have all the luck!!
all i can do right now is look at his pics/vods and watch his works and just imagine how it feels to be hugged by him and as an added bonus, imagine how it feels to be kissed by him...take note, its him who's gonna do the kissing !!!! *blush*

7:21 PM  
Blogger mrs a said...

I am envious too! Just to stand nearby would have my knees knocking! Just thinking about it is sweet though.

Hey, I love your music! Who is the singer and song?

7:30 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hello mrs a,

the song's title is mr. flower and the singer is jo sung-mo, one of my fave singers, korean or non-korean ^^ its a sad love song yet everytime i hear it, it reminds me of yong joon...don't know why....

here's the link to the song ~

5:16 AM  
Blogger mrs a said...

Thanks, I really love it. I don't understand Korean but I do love alot of the music and singers...LOL Silly, huh?
But I love all kinds of music from Frank Sinatra to Se7en, Dolly Parton to Josh Groban....hahaha

5:17 PM  

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