Sunday, August 27, 2006

how does he do it ?

it's one of those slow, lazy and 'terribly-missing-yong-joon' sunday again and his birthday is just 2 days away!! i wonder where he'll be on his b-day and what he'll be doing on that day...i guess it'll be another working day for him & will probably just have a small intimate party w/ his family, close friends & colleagues.

anyways, to kill this terribly-missing-him syndrome w/c has been bugging me since yesterday, might as well do another of my crazy nonsense blog and put a little silly smile on my face and make my imagination run a little wilder w/c i think, will eventually make me miss him even more....@@@@!! i swear, being a byj fan is not an easy job for a mere mortal like me, but surprisingly, even though this endless waiting game may be draining at times, it does add a whole lot more fun & excitement in my byj journey.... yeah right, coz it makes me want to scream sometimes!!! :\'-) ..... triple sigh....

back to my craziness aka antidote, there is something steamy about yong joon when he takes off his clothes...whaaat ??!!... i mean, when he takes off or fixes his coat, jacket, shirt or whatever he is wearing up there, whatever is covering THAT chest :D *me w/ my big silly grin* with just a lift or extension of his arms, a little sideway move of his torso, a slight bent of his neck and that one of a kind smile....this sexy teasing move makes him look so manly yet there is this touch of elegant gracefulness & just a hint of, sexiness redefined does he do that ??


Blogger bb said...

i can only say i know exactly what you're trying to say here. he affects me in the exact same way :)

p.s. i love love love the il mare ost too. esp the little mailbox tune.

5:03 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hey bb,
he's simply mesmerizing!!!
anyways, after so many postponements, i finally saw 'il mare'^^ i like it and i love the music, next stop is the lake house and will see how it fared w/ the original version :)

10:00 AM  
Anonymous jaime said...

yeah frances, I have to agree with you. I still remember when I first watched Winter Sonata, when he put on his shirt for the wedding, he just flashed a bit of his chest in 1 second. At that time, I had this strong desire and want to see more of this man's body (blush to a red face..)! I never told anyone until my mother-in-law and sister-in-law watched it, they pressed me if there is any more dramas that showed more skin! I, then know I am still a normal woman.

Thank you for this post! Like you, I was a bit down cause I'm missing him so much. Thanks to your fun post, I feel happier now!

btw, I watched Lake House first, then a bit of Il Mare (never can finish anything Korean that's non-BYJ). Won't spoil your fun by saying anything. Kind of like Keanu Reeves' cool and non-conformed personality.

7:15 PM  
Blogger bb said...

hey frances, glad you liked il mare. it's one of my all-time fave k-movies.

love the quiet relationship between the two characters. love how the sometimes whimsical, sometimes bouncy, sometimes quirky music threads throughout the movie. love the house. love the dog cola. love lee jung jae in there too. great story.

9:28 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hi jaime,
i also craved for more when i saw that scene in wls :D
but why is it that to this day, after browsing 'the image' for the nth time and watching US & AS for god knows how many times, i still want to see more?? i think i know the answer to that..he just keeps looking better & yummier!!!

i'm looking forward to watch the lake house tho the sandra-keanu team always reminds me of a speeding bus :p

9:41 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hey bb,
i fell in love w/cola!! that's one smart & sooo cute dog ^^
i was not too keen on lee jung jae before but he caught my attention in il mare. love the way he portrayed the lonely existence of the male character. love the ear-muffler and fish scenes too ^^

9:50 PM  

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