Friday, July 07, 2006

perils of being BYJ....

feels great to be blogging the man again ^^

looks like nothing much is happening from yong joon's end but one great news is that he will start shooting GKFG by the 20th of this month ??!! and Quilt is back on cyberspace again !! wonderful news after my few days of absence from the net :)

ok then.... on our way back home yesterday evening from an out of town trip, my boyfriend and i got stuck in a heavy traffic somewhere along south of manila. we're so used to this and we just kind of took things in stride and enjoyed every minute of our traffic-inspired togetherness. and yes, he knows about HIM and loves teasing me about my fascination w/ yong joon. during our conversation, he asked me if yong joon is still being mobbed by fans whenever he goes public, & of course, i gave him a resounding YES but he's being mobbed in a very tender loving and caring way. my honey went like 'huh? a tlc mobbing? how's that?' he then added that being a very popular personality has a lot of risks involved like stalking, bashing, invasion of privacy, etc...yes of course, it comes with the territory but yong joon is a very low key celebrity and he gets away mostly unscathed from the usual unwanted trappings of being famous.

haha, my bf unwittingly gave me this crazy weird idea to blog about. risks....perils....of being a famous personality? of being BYJ? hmm, as far as i know, yong joon is probably one of the most low profile famous personalities around. the public gets to see him only during his official functions but other than that his visibility is almost zero, nil, nada.... but.... there is still this element of the unknown lurking behind yong i see it with these 'situationers' *wink*

.....he may get the ire of some high strung ladle wielding chef everytime he enters a kitchen backdoor. or perhaps, the chef will try to appear upset but actually he's a bit nervous & self conscious coz a famous restauranteur in- the- making is in very close proximity!!!

.....with his fans around during the filming, & him trying to spend even just some few precious moments with them, yong joon stands a good chance of forgetting his line or cue from the director and eventually turn the shooting into an instant meet the fans the distress of the producer of the film :)

.....he may definitely cause some damage in the airport terminals of countries he will visit w/ all those media people jostling for the best position. reporters better start practicing the use of harness so they can have themselves suspended in air or something from somewhere to get the best & prized shot of the man ^^

.....after a very busy and hectic day, it is highly possible that during a presscon, yong joon might doze off even for just a few seconds whenever some members of the media will ask questions that are just not related to the project he is doing.....that would be a shocker to his PR managers !!

.....he runs the risk of getting sued by wallpaper making companies......there is a big possibility that he might monopolize this industry, that is, wallpapers like this from a samcheok city restaurant may come up anywhere especially on places he visits frequently.

.....being surrounded by people during his official trips is a normal sight to the point of bringing one of the security people to his knees & begging for calm and order amongst the crowd ^o^.... the macho image of security ppl is at risk !!

.....he may get an eye trouble or something with all those burst of lights coming from flashes from all kinds of cameras!!

.....he may cause a 'sisterly' quarrel among his fans coz everyone wants to hold his hand first or wants to get waved at first !!

.....he may find it difficult to go out of his hotel room and check out the nice places whenever he is abroad, and what is the better alternative ? a room telescope to view the scenic spots !!

.....he may cause an instant traffic jam in the busy streets of seoul, tokyo, beijing or wherever he maybe if people will catch even just a glimpse of him roaming around their place. going incognito by sporting a long hair wig and a fake goatee won't do him any good coz ppl are now familiar on how he looks w/ long hair and goatee......yummy !!


Blogger mrs a said...

I love your writing! So creative!
My hubby jokes me about him too! Oh, I hope he doesn't get eye trouble! I love his eyes!

9:23 PM  
Anonymous jaime said...

hahaha frances,

You are so considerate, you think of everything, eh? Is that really a security guard? I wonder what's so out of control that hehas to be on his knees begging?! Poor guy!

Glad to hear that you have a wonderful time with your BF!

7:27 PM  
Blogger frances said...

thanks mrs a !!
me his eyes, lips, nose, feet, back and just about everything related to byj ^^

3:45 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hi jaime :)
am not 100% sure if he's part of the security but if ever, he's nice to the fans coz he did not block their view of byj!!

oh yes, it was another magical week with my honey *wink* thanks!

3:56 AM  

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