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aura of BYJ

from another episode of my bae searching in the net, i found this very interesting article on face/aura reading of yong joon. i already posted this in quilt and soompi and i almost forgot to post it in my blog !!!

anyhow, i enjoyed reading this great stuff and i learned a set of new things again about yong joon. wow, even his eyebrows has a lot to say about the real essence of this man ^^

Face/Aura Reading of Korean actor Bae Yong-Joon
Reading by Rose Rosetree
Posted by asianamericansusedeeperperception
03 Mar 2006

Reprinted from “Reading Life Deeper,” a free zine featuring face reading, aura reading and techniques for empaths, July 2005 Zine (Issue 37).

The Face Reading is first:


You need not speak his language to be inspired by Korean actor, Bae Yong-Joon. In fact, he’s a mega-star in Japan. When I taught there recently, his name came up as the celebrity to receive a demonstration reading. Hearing about his magnificent inner qualities while we stared at photos of His Gorgeousness, well… it’s the closest I’ve come yet to seeing an entire group of my students swoon.

So, ready or not, here comes Bae. Check out five superb characteristics of his right eyebrow, shown to best advantage in this publicity shot.

Before reading my comments, you’re invited to flex your growing muscles as a physiognomist. What do you find most interesting about that eyebrow? To interpret each item of face data, keep in mind that all eyebrow patterns relate to intellectual specialties. And the right one tells you about career, in contrast to personal life (which would show in the left eyebrow). Of course, to tell right from left on any face other than yours, in the mirror, you must “Go flippo.” Switch sides just as you do when shaking hands, your right to another person’s different version of right.

Ender: Eyebrow grows fuller toward the ear. Meticulous follow through on any project—that’s the talent. The potential challenge? Perfectionism.

Shape on top edge: That deep angle suggests a managerial mindset. Whenever working, I’d expect this actor to observe his surroundings in a detached way. He may uncover problems others wouldn’t notice. Despite the actor’s convincingly sweet expression, that brow angle suggests that you’ll also find within him plenty of shrewdness and steel. Potential challenge? Being intimidating.

Shape on bottom edge — the “inner eyebrow”: Long-time face readers, you’ve never caught me discussing this category before, have you? That’s because most people don’t have a radically different eyebrow shape underneath the one that shows on the top of the brow. But check out that clearly defined lower curve, completely different from what’s above. Plus, extra-thick hair sculpts this “inner eyebrow” as a starter, fuller at the beginning than the end.

To me, the category of “inner eyebrow” is about a second aspect of life, a person’s role as World Server. Each of us has both a human life and this spiritual role. But it’s a rare individual where the second role shows on an eyebrow with such definition. This curvy inner brow suggests that, in his capacity as World Server, Mr. Yong-Joon is deeply motivated by concern about people’s feelings. The potential challenge? Worrying that he never does enough.

Silky texture: Between makeup, lighting and surgery, it’s hard to know what you’re seeing when you stare at the faces of most American movie stars. Sure, you can read a person who has had cosmetic surgery because it changes the person inside. Still, how refreshing to read authentic face data. Try making someone grow extra-fine eyebrows like these! Surely they’re genuine.

The meaning is refined thinking, not that Bae can’t belch with the best of them. Instead, the point is that he’ll automatically express the high end of any concept. In his films (none of which I’ve seen, admittedly), expect this actor to stir deeper sentiments than another performer would do in his place. Given the extra emphasis of his “inside starter brows,” add innovation to the mix.

Potential challenge? It’s how Bae would suffer if he had to act like a character in “Dumb and Dumber.”

Sculpturesque brows: Here’s another face reading first from Rose–in print, anyway. Occasionally I’ve commented on this characteristic in personal readings, but it’s still mighty rare. Check out the sculpturesque 3-D effect, which accentuates the refined shape of Bae’s right brow.

This represents a gift for thinking in ways that are extra memorable. If he acts, that performance will stick to your memory. Were he a fan of bubble gum, watch out! Those bubbles might affect you like super glue.

Apart from this threat of stickiness, the potential challenge is how the man would squirm if he had to think small.

Way to go, Bae Yong-Joon, all this in just one eyebrow! Later in this zine, readers, you’ll get to read his aura, too.

The Aura Reading is next:


After downing the stiff drink of Killen’s energy field, here’s your chaser. Come back to earth delightfully by reading the aura of Bae Yong-Joon. All his chakras are scrumptious. Here, you’re invited to explore his heart, throat and high heart chakras with the “Plug in and Ask” method from Empowered by Empathy. This photo gives you easy access.

Heart Chakra: Does the actor’s gift for Holistic Knowing bowl you over? That’s the ability to keep many people in your consciousness, the same ability you may have if you can run a large family or teach a large class, constantly staying aware of how everyone’s doing. For most of us, the best we can manage is to pay attention to self plus one or two others, but not so when a person has the gift of Holistic Knowing.

Bae’s version of the gift is huge. He holds multitudes of people in his heart, a world-ful. Moreover, Holistic Knowing pervades his entire aura, as you’ll discover if you read any of his other chakras. In America, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been working hard to make headlines as celebrity activists, dedicated to fighting poverty. Besides now being involved in a good cause, their auras show plenty of talent. Nevertheless, their famous good looks can’t disguise what their auras reveal about self-involvement.

By contrast, Bae’s pure heart shows a depth of concern you might not guess from his squeaky clean, wholesome good looks. At the heart chakra, you’ll find someone who has overcome personal pain, then used his hard-won knowledge to reach out to help the world.

Throat Chakra: Savvy aura readers know that this chakra will make or break a performer’s career. Absent the karmic windfall enjoyed by celebs like Paris Hilton, popularity usually depends on charisma at the throat. Bae won’t disappoint you here. Confidence blends with kindness.

It’s also amusing to see that the actor has the equivalent of a light switch here. He can really turn up the charisma, easily as you or I would flip on an overhead light. Does he turn the glow up on purpose? Either way, it’s wonderful to behold him projecting that huge energy. And it’s comforting to know that he also can live very comfortably, when off camera, with his aura scaled down to a more normal size.

High Heart Chakra: Is this celeb doing what thrills his soul? That chakra between the heart and throat is such a tip-off about whether a person’s life expresses soul. Out of 300 people, only one shows a strong connection here. And, until you read auras, you might be amazed to learn how many of the rich and famous aren’t, in this respect, happy at all. Yet anyone could be, and within a week. (If you’d like to learn more, check out the how-to video, Thrill Your Soul: Inspiration for Choosing Your Work and Relationships.

Reading the high heart is always instructive. But with Yong-Joon, it’s also a treat. Not only does his life express soul, but that chakra is full of God light. Many a preacher talks about spiritual surrender. But here is a man who lives it, not just in times of struggle but sharing great good times, too.

source ~ http://asianamericansusedeeperperception.i...eaura-readings


Blogger mrs a said...

frances, I love your blog especially this one. This is so interesting and awesome. Really shows who our wuri YongJoon is, doesn't it.


3:05 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hi mrs a ^^

love the article too. reveals a lot about the real yong joon. the more i'm in awe of the man !!

8:45 AM  
Blogger HeippieH said...

Wow, glad I came into here. Another indepth analysis of his eyebrows, no wonder I love his eyebrows so much that I was compelled to blog about it. These are the reasons given by a pro, ha!

And interesting thing is, I was just thinking about aura of BYJ today, and coincidentally I see this article now.

Amazed by all these "coincidents". Thanks for sharing.


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