Wednesday, June 21, 2006

capturing byj

i'm probably one of the most artistically challenged gal this side of our geography. ask me to draw a car and all i can give you is a rectangle with two circles at the bottom !! yeah, drawing the basic symbols such as circles, squares & triangles are the most that i can do to express my artistic inclinations....if there's any at all *wink*

i've always been a great admirer of all BYJ fans who have this talent to create such lovely BYJ artworks. so everytime i see an artistic creation by any of my fellow BYJ fan, i'm just totally in awe. and who could blame them if they suddenly find themselves become so prolific by producing all these wonderful drawings/paintings/sketches....they got The Man as their inspiration :)

it just feels good looking at BYJ fans' artworks and i can just imagine how it feels if you are actually the one creating it...that would have been simply magical!! capturing yong joon through the camera lens is a once in a lifetime thrill but there is definitely something more personal when he is captured in a canvass, through the eyes of the besotted (!!) artist.

i recently discovered in the net a treasure of artworks by a japanese fan, Nagajun & she became one of my favorite talented baesis'. i posted several of nagajun's drawings in soompi and some in quilt and i'll be posting some of her drawings here. this is my first time to see yong joon interpreted this way & he looks cute (as always !) & a little different but he's undeniably our man ^^


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