Friday, May 26, 2006

what GQ did to me

i was supposed to blog about the jaw dropping mouth watering sexy GQ pictures...

and then, comes the interview...

it was a very difficult read and yet an eye opener for me to a different yong joon. this is one famous person whom everybody knows a lot of things about him and yet we actually know very little about him. huh ? he allows us only glimpses of his thoughts and feelings and yet we know there is really more to it.

so, what can is say about what he said in the GQ interview ? a few things like, here's a more open, more straightforward yong joon. vulnerable yet there is an underlying strength and willpower. simply, a man worthy of lots of love, respect and admiration.

ok, i've been blabbering about in soompi that maybe yong joon is sounding off to his fans to back off a little & give him more private space or this theory that maybe he is preparing us for some very important changes in his personal life & acting career in the very near future...but of course, only yong joon knows the real score. for all we know, he was just in this low emotional level during the interview and he just wants to get those heavy feelings off his chest. but what caused these heavy feelings ? what made him go public and bare some of his innermost fears and frustrations ?

yes, he was already making some passing remarks before about his loneliness, wanting to get married, longing for more freedom but this is the first time he made these kind of comments like its his personality that is partly causing his current state of solitude, and divulging that he has to seek medical attention to cure his sleeplessness w/c btw, still looks obvious during his recent outing on the 26th when he attended the wake of the late writer, Cho So Hye ( of First Love fame).

well, i think our reluctant megastar still has a lot to hurdle & a lot to accept. i'm optimistic though that he will be able to 'solve' whatever is bothering him right now, and eventually, find his way out of the trappings of oneness into a whole new world of twosome ^^ oh yes !! i think what yong joon needs is someone who will complete him, someone to watch over him. **if only he will accept a very more than willing volunteer ~~ frances on tiptoe & frantically waving both her arms !!**

but whatever decisions he make, whatever actions he will undertake in the future, he can definitely count me in, among his thousands of loving & caring fans, to support him. if he decides to leave showbiz.....* gosh, why is the word "leave" suddenly have a very sour taste in my mouth ?? * i can take it........errr, i think.......hmmm.....on second thoughts......i'll get back to you guys on my final say on this issue, ok? sentence pls....

as i've said, whatever he decides, painful it maybe, i will still be here for matter what. and that's a promise.


Blogger bb said...

me too, frances... your thots echo mine :p

8:57 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hey bb,
my verdict ? i admire him so much more after the interview!!

2:54 AM  

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