Wednesday, May 31, 2006

a fun wish !

i think most of yong joon's films and tv projects are all dramas. well, maybe except for 'papa', w/c is on the lighter side. wouldn't it be nice to see him appear in a light comedy? ppl close to yong joon or those who were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to him have been saying that yong joon is quite a funny mischievous guy. yeah, he may look handsomely serious ^^ to many ppl but one can actually sense that he has this naughty side in him. of course, yong joon is not the type of actor who would readily grab a comedic role just to prove his 'versatility' though he mentioned before in one of his interviews that he would like to take on a comedy role someday.

hmmm, i wonder how yong joon will fare in a funny role ?? i think he can pull it off nicely coz he has shown us glimpses of his funny antics in some of his dramas and behind the scenes videos. i personally would love to see him in fun roles ala george clooney in 'ocean's 11' or 12' or hugh jackman's 'someone like you' and don't laugh pls, but i just saw this very old 1934 romantic comedy movie of clark gable, 'it happened one night'!! wow, it would be a thrill to see yong joon play a role similar to that of gable's. btw, gable bared his muscular chest in this film, and who else can do more justice in baring a sexy chest ?? yong joon, of course !!

he's cute in this fun scene from wls. in this scene, he's supposed to be pretending to yujin that he can cook but he can't cook but we all know that he is a very good cook in real life *wink*

see, he can make some funny antics if he wants to! from one of his asian promo gig for 'untold scandal'.

its those luscious lips again !! those kissable lips can be oh so sexy but can also be oh so fun to look at when he's making one of his funny faces ^^

just looking at this picture makes me giggle. he is so adorable & lovable in this video !!! and that's one lucky 'leading lady'!! :)

he only has to stand there and wear this funny looking jacket's hood over his gorgeous head and i'm a fun way !

oh my, i got to do something with those kissable lips !!

there he goes again! making fun of himself in front of the AS staff. nice to see him looking relaxed and exchanging banters w/ his co workers.

now, this is the yong joon i would like to see more often. carefree, having fun with friends, enjoying the most that his busy and hectic life has to offer.


Blogger bb said...

me too... wanna see him in lighter dramas.

me too... wanna do something about those kissable lips of his.

6:53 AM  
Blogger marissa said...


I love that pout and a romantic comedy will suit him well so I hope he can make one in the very near future.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Addicted to BYJ said...

Hello Frances,

Agreed. I think he will be really good in a comedy. His cute lips and smile will be utterly irresistable and my addiction will go into the deeper end.

By the way, read some of your old posts, I really like your writing style. keep it coming.

10:58 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hi bb,
he shld have those lips heavily insured. i'm sure a lot of byj fans have their own grand plans on what to do w/ those kissable lips..^^

3:51 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hey marissa,
he would look great in a romcom !! there is this 'cary grant' aura in yong joon...sophisticated, elegant, funny and oh so sexy :)

3:55 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hello addicted to byj,
nice of you to drop by !!
oh yes, this girl is already so deep in her addiction to this gorgeous korean actor & enjoying every minute of it ^^
btw, thanks for finding the time to read some of my old posts. byj is a great inspiration for an aspiring blogger like me :p

4:02 PM  

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