Wednesday, May 31, 2006

a fun wish !

i think most of yong joon's films and tv projects are all dramas. well, maybe except for 'papa', w/c is on the lighter side. wouldn't it be nice to see him appear in a light comedy? ppl close to yong joon or those who were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to him have been saying that yong joon is quite a funny mischievous guy. yeah, he may look handsomely serious ^^ to many ppl but one can actually sense that he has this naughty side in him. of course, yong joon is not the type of actor who would readily grab a comedic role just to prove his 'versatility' though he mentioned before in one of his interviews that he would like to take on a comedy role someday.

hmmm, i wonder how yong joon will fare in a funny role ?? i think he can pull it off nicely coz he has shown us glimpses of his funny antics in some of his dramas and behind the scenes videos. i personally would love to see him in fun roles ala george clooney in 'ocean's 11' or 12' or hugh jackman's 'someone like you' and don't laugh pls, but i just saw this very old 1934 romantic comedy movie of clark gable, 'it happened one night'!! wow, it would be a thrill to see yong joon play a role similar to that of gable's. btw, gable bared his muscular chest in this film, and who else can do more justice in baring a sexy chest ?? yong joon, of course !!

he's cute in this fun scene from wls. in this scene, he's supposed to be pretending to yujin that he can cook but he can't cook but we all know that he is a very good cook in real life *wink*

see, he can make some funny antics if he wants to! from one of his asian promo gig for 'untold scandal'.

its those luscious lips again !! those kissable lips can be oh so sexy but can also be oh so fun to look at when he's making one of his funny faces ^^

just looking at this picture makes me giggle. he is so adorable & lovable in this video !!! and that's one lucky 'leading lady'!! :)

he only has to stand there and wear this funny looking jacket's hood over his gorgeous head and i'm a fun way !

oh my, i got to do something with those kissable lips !!

there he goes again! making fun of himself in front of the AS staff. nice to see him looking relaxed and exchanging banters w/ his co workers.

now, this is the yong joon i would like to see more often. carefree, having fun with friends, enjoying the most that his busy and hectic life has to offer.

Friday, May 26, 2006

what GQ did to me

i was supposed to blog about the jaw dropping mouth watering sexy GQ pictures...

and then, comes the interview...

it was a very difficult read and yet an eye opener for me to a different yong joon. this is one famous person whom everybody knows a lot of things about him and yet we actually know very little about him. huh ? he allows us only glimpses of his thoughts and feelings and yet we know there is really more to it.

so, what can is say about what he said in the GQ interview ? a few things like, here's a more open, more straightforward yong joon. vulnerable yet there is an underlying strength and willpower. simply, a man worthy of lots of love, respect and admiration.

ok, i've been blabbering about in soompi that maybe yong joon is sounding off to his fans to back off a little & give him more private space or this theory that maybe he is preparing us for some very important changes in his personal life & acting career in the very near future...but of course, only yong joon knows the real score. for all we know, he was just in this low emotional level during the interview and he just wants to get those heavy feelings off his chest. but what caused these heavy feelings ? what made him go public and bare some of his innermost fears and frustrations ?

yes, he was already making some passing remarks before about his loneliness, wanting to get married, longing for more freedom but this is the first time he made these kind of comments like its his personality that is partly causing his current state of solitude, and divulging that he has to seek medical attention to cure his sleeplessness w/c btw, still looks obvious during his recent outing on the 26th when he attended the wake of the late writer, Cho So Hye ( of First Love fame).

well, i think our reluctant megastar still has a lot to hurdle & a lot to accept. i'm optimistic though that he will be able to 'solve' whatever is bothering him right now, and eventually, find his way out of the trappings of oneness into a whole new world of twosome ^^ oh yes !! i think what yong joon needs is someone who will complete him, someone to watch over him. **if only he will accept a very more than willing volunteer ~~ frances on tiptoe & frantically waving both her arms !!**

but whatever decisions he make, whatever actions he will undertake in the future, he can definitely count me in, among his thousands of loving & caring fans, to support him. if he decides to leave showbiz.....* gosh, why is the word "leave" suddenly have a very sour taste in my mouth ?? * i can take it........errr, i think.......hmmm.....on second thoughts......i'll get back to you guys on my final say on this issue, ok? sentence pls....

as i've said, whatever he decides, painful it maybe, i will still be here for matter what. and that's a promise.

Monday, May 15, 2006

doing it his way...

Last week, a friend of mine gave me this little book “First Things First” by Stephen Covey (author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”) but it was only the other day that I took a real look at it & saw these words in its cover… ”because where you’re headed is more important than how fast you’re going”…and my first reaction was, “oh, I know someone who advocates this principle !!”, who else but Mr. Bae Yong Joon ^^

That’s one thing I admire about Yong Joon. He is not your typical actor who tirelessly and endlessly accepts film/drama projects, product endorsements, publicity gimmicks, etc. You know, strike while the iron is very hot, get the most of everything while the demand is high. Don’t get me wrong, I think every actor has his/her own stand on this matter and I don’t blame them. The entertainment world is such a fickle minded business and you may be “in” right now but for how long will it last? And with all the new faces sprouting from all over the place, the competition is just getting to be more challenging.

But Yong Joon opts to take it real slow. Do things on his own time, on his own terms. Sometimes though, I feel nervous about this position he stands for. What if people will get tired of waiting for him? What if people will little by little take him for granted, put him on the side and eventually forget about him. Crazy thoughts but kind of scary.

But I should not be scared, right? An actor makes his mark not on how many films he made, how much is his box office results, how many dramas he appeared in and how many products he endorsed. A true actor will be remembered because of the depth & impact of the characters he portrayed, the artistic quality of film productions he participated in.

I think this is what Yong Joon wants all along. He is not after the number of films he made, he does not care at all if he makes only a handful of films in his entire acting career. I think what matters most for Yong Joon is accepting roles that he feels he can totally immerse himself into so that he can fully live and breathe the essence of the character in the story. He would prefer to do a film or a drama that he feels will linger in the minds and hearts of the viewing audience for a long long time. He probably wants to be remembered as the actor whose roles & performances touched many lives and perhaps helped make a positive difference….

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

calling Dr. Phil....

There must be something wrong with me. Why is it that the current “it” guys of Korean entertainment just don’t appeal to me at all ? The likes of bi, lee jun ki, hyun bin etc. just don’t make any impression to me. They are the current favorites in soompi, a fan site for Korean pop culture. They got the highest number of visits, ladies go crazy on them, even some byj fans got hooked on these guys *wink*, but alas, these actors just dont stir me at all.

Ok, confession time….I’ve already mentioned this before in the byj thread in soompi and I’m saying it again. I’m not actually a big fan of Korean dramas and films. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching Korean dramas and films before….before Bae Yong Joon……. ???? Oh yes, after getting hooked on yong joon, I simply lost interest in other Korean dramas and films that does not feature yong joon. Crazy, weird and pathetic but true. I tried my very best to watch the “it” dramas like goong, my girl, & even kim sam soon and…nothing. It just does not have that excited feeling of anticipation for the next episode. What’s wrong with me ?? Well, probably, its also part of my personality. I’m this kind of girl that once I get hooked on someone, I totally devote my attention to this person and it will really take a long time and a major reason before I lose interest.

Sometimes, I also wish that I have this capacity to explore other areas…read > ‘korean hunks’ coz I think this will somehow help ease my never ending restlessness in waiting for the next appearance of yong joon. But believe it or not, I would rather sit in front of my pc, surf the various bae sites & even the sites on languages I don’t understand, tried to make friends with a fish named babel in order to at least get an idea on what the byj fans are saying, and go around the net on byj related stuff. As I’ve said, I’m totally pathetic.

Girls my age normally runs after the younger actors. They normally go from one actor to another, depending on who is the current flavor of the month. This is supposed to be a fun filled internet celebrity chasing experience where one gets to see loads of vods and pictures of cuter, younger, more daring and more fashion forward celebrities. I should be part of that pack !!! But no, here I am , I prefer to just wait for HIM to make his rare public appearances, would rather read and reread all those wonderful articles that gives us a hint about the inner beauty of this person , would rather go gaga over those gorgeous fan writings and artworks, would rather watch over and over again the recent and not too recent vods. Would rather blog my byj thoughts. Waahhh !! this is becoming quite alarming !! I’m beginning to sound like a hopeless neurotic case !! will I ever be cured of this craziness ? Or on the other hand, would I ever want to get cured of this craziness ?

Crazy or not, All the wonderful things that I learned about yong joon has so far shown me he deserves my total attention. His simple, kind and warm gestures brought me much closer to him and I think I will find it so very difficult to wander... As if I want to....