Sunday, April 16, 2006

the thinking David

we all know the statue of David.

michelangelo depicted David at the moment he decided to engage Goliath in a battle. David was symbolized as righteous, strong willed and ready to fight. moreover, the figure somehow gave emphasis to David’s character traits rather than his victory over Goliath. even Michelangelo’s interpretation of David being completely nude, as opposed to the other great artists’ (Verrocchio & Bernini) depiction of a partially clothed David, gave a possible interpretation of the biblical text describing David as a hero and future king before his fight with Goliath.

also, David was described in the bible as “most handsome & had beautiful eyes and was nice to look at".

what am i babbling about ?? i was just reminded that some fans compare a photo of yong joon with that of the statue of David.

i don’t know how the fans came out with the comparison or if the fans were merely looking at the physical similarity but in my opinion, the similarity runs deeper and I find it in the character traits of yong joon and David. Both have the strength & guts to go against all odds to confront a bigger & stronger adversary in order to protect and defend his rights & principles. its so yong joon, isnt' it ? ^^

one more great work of art reminds me of yong joon. It’s The Thinker, the famous sculpture of Auguste Rodin.

Ok, I know, the title is a give away. No need to elaborate. Its so obvious to all that yong joon is a thinking actor. For me , he is not just a script-holding, hand-waving, camera-ready type of celebrity. There’s so much more about bae yong joon.

at first, it was simply the title of The Thinker that reminded me of yong joon. a very shallow & pointless observation on my part... noticed the 'thinking' pose ? *blush*

but with all the news reports that came out a few weeks back about his various business investments in different fields, The Thinker as compared to yong joon gave me a different perspective to it. in a way, yong joon comes out as a guy who is wise enough to invest his hard earned money & has these broad & long range plans that i think would benefit not only himself but also the people that works with him. and we can also include the rest of korea !!

come to think of it, The Thinker also happens to have some similarity to the situation of yong joon today. The Thinker statue was originally meant by Rodin to be Dante pondering his great poem, Divine Comedy. But Rodin thought of the figure in a broader more universal terms. Rodin depicted The Thinker as a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful inner struggle. There is a contemplative feel, a struggle to create. in the end, The Thinker becomes not only a dreamer but also a creator. Thus, the Rodin equation was born, “The Thinker = the Poet = the Creator”.

Yes, Yong joon dreams and creates all these wonderful things, both tangible and intangible, that are truly appreciated & beneficial to a great number of people. personally, i appreciate the things he has done, what he's doing right now and what he's planning to do in the future.

Artistic wise and business wise, he continually evolves as a person who has this great foresight for future endeavors that will continually challenge his courage and determination both as an actor and as a business person.

Btw, just like the statue of David, The Thinker was also interpreted in his natural glory *wink* .

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Blogger bb said...

hey, frances...
enjoyed this piece, as i have the other pieces from you. thanks much much.

and here's myonne's creation just in case you haven't seen it...

10:52 PM  
Blogger frances said...

thanks a lot bb :)

got a lot of cathing up to do in reading byj blogs coz i was away for 3 days !! tnx for myonne's creation, saw that one before and i like it^^

2:48 AM  
Blogger marissa said...


Thanks for coming up with another beautifully written blog entry. His inner beauty is the reason why I will remain an admirer of BYJ for years to come.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Frances, I enjoy reading this new piece from you as always.

12:17 AM  
Anonymous dani said...

Hi Frances, i love your blogs. I left a comment on your "What if" blog March 15 entry I think. Im glad you raise the points you did, I was thinking the same thing. Would you know if the opening of of GKFG be shown simultaneous over Asia?When's the target date? I hope it does!Keep those pics and blogs coming!

4:13 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hello marissa & camille,
thanks unnis :)
looks like i'm babbling again *blush*, i guess i just miss him so much :(

7:54 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hi there dani :)

thanks a lot for dropping by!!
i agree w/ your comment on my "what if" entry though i like the joon bears *wink*. i do hope they will try to tone down commercializing his image.

it was reported before that gkfg will be shown in 90 countries but i'm not sure if it will have a simul asian screening. i think the tentative airing in korea is around last qtr of 2006. lets just hope that the shooting will run smoothly & we'll get to see him on the small screen early 2007 ^^

8:17 AM  

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