Monday, April 24, 2006

sweet torture...

it was already evening & i just came from my fave spa. i went straight to my pc, logged on to quilt and soompi and whoa !!!!!! i was hit by the smoking hot photos of yong joon !! my god, this guy never fails to amaze me. he always has this extra something that surprises everybody. my eyes literally got glued in the monitor and i think i just died a little death and went straight to the gates of heaven.... or the fires of hell, after all those sinful thoughts polluted my brain upon seeing those pictures !!!

this made me thinking...good thing yong joon rarely makes public appearances coz if he makes this his regular thing & we get to see more of his latest photos, god forbid, heaven help us, dont know how we will survive this kind of visual onslaught...


Blogger bb said...

yea... when this man comes out, he really comes out... knocked us all out he did, didn't he?

5:43 AM  
Anonymous jaime said...

Hi Frances .... have been enjoying your in-depth analysis of Yongjoon - from golf to music.

I now understand why he has been avoiding the limelight earlier, knowing that he would shower us with this stunning series of pictures stamping his gorgeous look later. You're right, he does invite quite opposite thoughts. I can think of a dozen antonyms to describe his dazzling looks :

hot - cool
strong - tender
sinful - heavenly
lady-killer - saviour
desirable - untouchable
I'd better stop here! can't breathe!

Sigh! God must love him (forgive me Lord for calling you)! Notice that's a windy and rainy day along the banks of Han River : if it were me, my hair would've turned all frizzy and swept left, right and center. But NOT this blessed handsome hunk, those long silky brown hair just gently being blown to the side and back revealing more of his beautiful face! Halleuia!

Thanks for blogging and looking forward to more of your insightful writings!

11:07 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hi bb,
dont know how to describe it but this guy simply knocks me off my feet & i come tumbling down whenever he makes this unannounced appearances!!

6:26 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hello jaime, welcome to my blog !!

thanks so much for the nice words. writing stuff about yong joon is simply a delight for a lot of his fans. he always manage to bring out this extra something in us.

yup, yong joon is a walking thesaurus. antonyms & synonyms best describes how i feel about him i've said, he's heaven on fire ^^

6:46 PM  

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