Monday, April 24, 2006

sweet torture...

it was already evening & i just came from my fave spa. i went straight to my pc, logged on to quilt and soompi and whoa !!!!!! i was hit by the smoking hot photos of yong joon !! my god, this guy never fails to amaze me. he always has this extra something that surprises everybody. my eyes literally got glued in the monitor and i think i just died a little death and went straight to the gates of heaven.... or the fires of hell, after all those sinful thoughts polluted my brain upon seeing those pictures !!!

this made me thinking...good thing yong joon rarely makes public appearances coz if he makes this his regular thing & we get to see more of his latest photos, god forbid, heaven help us, dont know how we will survive this kind of visual onslaught...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

undressed to kill

since there’s a lot of talk lately about his 'well being' business, his desire to promote a healthy lifestyle through his 'smart kitchen' chain of healthy food restaurants,

i might as well join the bandwagon, review my health habits and do some soul searching…..or should I say body searching ?? know...well being means healthy body means terrific body means bae yong joon !!

its actually like this, i just found another satisfying & very satisfying way of ogling, or rather spending my ‘perpetual waiting for byj’ time! *blush*

gosh, so much beating around the bush & all i really want to do is just savor all over again the sight of that heavenly hunk of a body.

and who would have thought that fiery hot body belongs to this innocent looking man ?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

the thinking David

we all know the statue of David.

michelangelo depicted David at the moment he decided to engage Goliath in a battle. David was symbolized as righteous, strong willed and ready to fight. moreover, the figure somehow gave emphasis to David’s character traits rather than his victory over Goliath. even Michelangelo’s interpretation of David being completely nude, as opposed to the other great artists’ (Verrocchio & Bernini) depiction of a partially clothed David, gave a possible interpretation of the biblical text describing David as a hero and future king before his fight with Goliath.

also, David was described in the bible as “most handsome & had beautiful eyes and was nice to look at".

what am i babbling about ?? i was just reminded that some fans compare a photo of yong joon with that of the statue of David.

i don’t know how the fans came out with the comparison or if the fans were merely looking at the physical similarity but in my opinion, the similarity runs deeper and I find it in the character traits of yong joon and David. Both have the strength & guts to go against all odds to confront a bigger & stronger adversary in order to protect and defend his rights & principles. its so yong joon, isnt' it ? ^^

one more great work of art reminds me of yong joon. It’s The Thinker, the famous sculpture of Auguste Rodin.

Ok, I know, the title is a give away. No need to elaborate. Its so obvious to all that yong joon is a thinking actor. For me , he is not just a script-holding, hand-waving, camera-ready type of celebrity. There’s so much more about bae yong joon.

at first, it was simply the title of The Thinker that reminded me of yong joon. a very shallow & pointless observation on my part... noticed the 'thinking' pose ? *blush*

but with all the news reports that came out a few weeks back about his various business investments in different fields, The Thinker as compared to yong joon gave me a different perspective to it. in a way, yong joon comes out as a guy who is wise enough to invest his hard earned money & has these broad & long range plans that i think would benefit not only himself but also the people that works with him. and we can also include the rest of korea !!

come to think of it, The Thinker also happens to have some similarity to the situation of yong joon today. The Thinker statue was originally meant by Rodin to be Dante pondering his great poem, Divine Comedy. But Rodin thought of the figure in a broader more universal terms. Rodin depicted The Thinker as a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful inner struggle. There is a contemplative feel, a struggle to create. in the end, The Thinker becomes not only a dreamer but also a creator. Thus, the Rodin equation was born, “The Thinker = the Poet = the Creator”.

Yes, Yong joon dreams and creates all these wonderful things, both tangible and intangible, that are truly appreciated & beneficial to a great number of people. personally, i appreciate the things he has done, what he's doing right now and what he's planning to do in the future.

Artistic wise and business wise, he continually evolves as a person who has this great foresight for future endeavors that will continually challenge his courage and determination both as an actor and as a business person.

Btw, just like the statue of David, The Thinker was also interpreted in his natural glory *wink* .

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

a happy sinner

like what marissa mentioned in her blog...

while i'm preparing for a spiritual mission these coming days, a new photo of yong joon came out. just like that.

how can i defend myself from yet another byj visual experience? i rest my case.

Monday, April 03, 2006

jaeho dearest

i was looking for my april snow ost cd but I happened to pull out my hwrl ( have we really loved ?) ost cd & i told myself, why not? it has been quite some time since i listened to it. so i played the cd and memories came rushing back. Big Time. and lo and behold, jaeho was right there in front of my eyes again. i don’t know, but this guy simply got a super tight hold in my heart. it's as if he broke my heart a thousand times and i’m still here waiting & he is still so much a part of me.

just listening to the love songs of hwrl makes my eyes wander, as if looking for someone and hoping to see that someone. crazy & pathetic huh? yeah, up to this day, since watching hwrl and falling for jaeho the first time sometime last year, he is still very much in my mind. just the mention of his name, a trickle of music from the ost and i’m a total goner.

what is it about jaeho that have me enamored up to this day ? honestly, i don’t know. probably, i witnessed & rejoiced in his celebration of love and hope, cried buckets in his most trying moments and got numb & felt lost when he left this world. he just felt so real to me.

jaeho should have been given a longer lease in life. he deserves it. so much pain and suffering accompanied him all his life and he deserves to be happy. but then again, the love of his life was there with him to the very end. she never abandoned him even during their toughest days together. i guess jaeho did have a chance to be happy and experience a love that does not ask anything in return. love that is in its purest form. oh well, the thought that jaeho was loved unconditionally somehow eased my silent pain for him.

jaeho dearest, i’m sure you know that you will never be forgotten. you’re this kind of guy who will always have a space in somebody’s heart and a special place in someone’s memory.

till we meet again.