Wednesday, March 15, 2006

what if......

i won't be the calm and collected gal this time around but i will shake up a bit my quiet byj world.

these are just some crazy ramblings from a tired mind & body stuck in the middle of chaotic days at work and totally craving to see even just a glimpse of him......

going over the recent news reports on k entertainment and blog entries of fellow bae fans, these thoughts went flying all over my head....

what if....after wrapping up april snow, yong joon immediately hopped into another film project and afterwards, started doing a tv drama project.
will this finally put an end to his fans' endless trials of waiting, more waiting and more thinking when they will see him again on the big or small screen?
and perhaps, create this frenzy of excitement amongst his fans on what particular film or drama set to visit & explore first?

what if....instead of choosing to do the gkfg drama, yong joon opted to make a big production, japan-korea collaboration tv drama with a famous japanese actress ?
will this help improve the popularity of the korean wave in japan or will it only give yong joon's critics more elbow room to dish out remarks that yong joon chooses projects that caters only for a certain age demographics?

what if....yong joon celebrated his birthday last august 29 with a few thousands of his fans coming from all over the world and during the occasion, yong joon serenaded his fans by playing the piano or the guitar & even sing a song or two.
will this be considered a complete turnaround from yong joon's low key & reserved personality & he did this performance for the love of his fans ?

what if....yong joon recently held a large scale fan meeting either in korea or japan attended by thousands of his fans.
will this mean that he is the current undisputed top star of the korean wave and finally put an end to all those polls after polls heralding who is the top hallyu/korean wave star in japan and elsewhere ?

what if....yong joon was the very first famous celebrity to stage a one-man protest against the screen quota policy and continued on with his protest even when he's swarmed by media, fans and plain curious onlookers.
would yong joon be hailed not only as the top korean actor but also the influential leader of the korean actors' group & receive praises from domestic & foreign media and fellow actors for his actions ?

what if....yong joon made a low budget, low profile-no hype but high quality film w/ solid screenplay & good acting ensemble.
will this hit it big in the korean box office & prove to one and all that a film featuring a korean wave star should not be snubbed and prejudged and be given proper recognition for what it's worth ?

what if....there will be very limited byj merchandise in the market and the best chance ppl has to catch a glimpse of yong joon is through his films or dramas only.
would this help eradicate yong joon's "too commercialized" image from some quarters ?

what if....instead of doing april snow, yong joon opted to do a film where he will play a character that is a complete reversal from his current romantic image & will totally challenge whatever inhibition yong joon still has in his acting arsenal.
would this perhaps help minimize the harsh criticisms yong joon gets from some korean critics & online writers ?

what if....yong joon chose to make a pan asian film created by famous film personalities coming from japan, china and korea.
will this be a signal that yong joon is ready to face the entire world ? that he has finally mastered the english language, got enough courage and confidence and is finally willing to step up to the challenges of being a "world actor" ?

gosh, what a lot of crazy what ifs.....this is a clear and present sign of reading too much internet stuff when my mind is simply missing him too much....sighs...


Blogger marissa said...

hi frances,

What if during one of his filming breaks he decides to visit our country without announcement but suddenly you bump into him at a mall while shopping. LBH did that here in Greenbelt last year though his fans only got to know about it when he was back in Korea. Nice thought right?

5:35 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hi marissa,
i'm totally clueless on what i will do if ever i get the chance to see him up close & personal. no idea at all !!

4:48 AM  
Anonymous dani said...

Hi Frances, i agree with you on 2 counts. Am a fellow fan but seeing how many BYj related products are going around, I cant help getting the impression of too much commercialism, too much banking on the guy's image. Said products are bordering on the absurd- joon bears, talking mugs- i mean who does that; cartoon movies,starwars merchandise, right? If maybe his PR staff or mKTG STAFF will lessen these stuff, maybe fans wont get swindled on fake objects that can be bought on the internet.I am amazed with the outpouring of admiration, dedication and love for one man from all over Asia. But a truly great actor need not remind his fans of his existence, he should never fear the loss of his popularity- his great works will always be rewinded and replayed.Hopefully, his upcoming series will deliver the daunting expectations of a thousand fans from all over Asia, and hopefully again, we will see a different Joon, a total departure from his typecasted rol;e of a wounded, tragic romantic hero. Until then, we all wait with bated breath.

4:07 AM  

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