Sunday, March 19, 2006

another look

looks like BOF and Kim Jonghak's production company are restricting the public distribution of photos related to the drama's prayer ceremony held last march 16. i think this is a good idea. from the very start, the drama's producer should monitor and take the necessary measures to avoid the drama from getting too much hype. its a given that domestic and foreign media will give extra attention to this project since its a large scale production for a korean drama & it stars the asian icon, bae yong joon but i'm hoping that the shooting will be done smoothly & quietly and yong joon will have this chance again to show us another side of his versatility.

i think it's better if the public and media alike will be given enough room to build their excitement and anticipation towards the drama w/o exposing too much the details surrounding the behind the scenes of GKFG.

in this regard, i will start my own 'building of excitement' through these 2 photos from the event. the first picture was from the ceremony and a full body shot of the man with the long hair, torn jeans, hand in pocket and all !! the second picture was taken from his arrival at the jejudo airport, where he was warmly welcomed by ardent foreign and domestic fans.

cant' blame them ^^

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