Thursday, March 02, 2006

almost like being in love

what a day this has been
what a rare mood i'm in
why, it's almost like being in love......

yesterday was one crazy day at work. everybody in our office seem to be at the end of their wits and patience is running low at a very fast rate. why ? coz its almost there, the dreaded end of fiscal year !! everybody's nightmare !!! well, maybe not everybody. there's this one girl who seem to have acquired this calm demeanor even in the midst of all the chaos. a girl who has learned to smile, look nonchalant, & go on with her usual routine w/ not much fireworks & no visible tension. in short, this girl learned how to pretend big time !! even when her stomach is churning coupled w/ goosebumps all over after all the endless waiting for info fr outside sources & trying to beat the deadlines, even when her brain seem to stopped functioning after revising, rehashing all those mgt. reports, etc. etc. but this girl remained a picture of calm, quiet and patience. oh yes, this girl just became an instant pro. whoa, what happened ? this girl was not like this before. she used to get a little crazy, excited & stressed up during this dreaded time of the year. what could have triggered this change ? or to be more precise....who could have triggered this change ?

ok, it is so obvious that the girl is me *wink* and the who is none other than Him. bae yong joon. thanks to this guy, i've learned to become a ' lady-in-waiting ' in byj's boot camp !!. that's what i call myself sometimes when the byj waiting just becomes too much to bear. yong joon is like this hunky drill sergeant that gently and lovingly inculcate these positive traits to his followers that can help them overcome some difficult days ahead of them. as i've implied before in my previous entries, i'm not particularly good in the patience cum waiting department. i have a tendency to get a bit impatient, easily distracted & sometimes even lose my concentration on what i'm doing at the moment and transfer my attention somewhere else. actually, i'm more of a gemini than a taurus. but with this ongoing ' training ' under this gentleman officer, i did noticed some subtle changes lately. i'm not saying that i'm this crazy girl who easily freaks out when the going gets tough...( er, just a little *blush* )... and this continuing waiting game with yong joon definitely brought some positive changes that somehow made me more......patient, focused, resourceful, understanding, cheerful even when my hyper boss is breathing down my neck......oh shucks, come to think of it, its almost like being in love all over again !!!! jeez, the things you do to me, yong joon ^^


Blogger mishio said...

hmmmm...interesting perspective. Never quite thought of it like that. So, even in his absence, without lifting a finger, he is doing us "good", cultivating the trait of patience and emotional calm in us? What an angel he is. OK...I buy it. I promise not to yell at anyone today :)

10:44 PM  
Blogger bb said...

yea.... nice post today...

thanks for sharing, calm gal :p

7:49 AM  
Blogger joycebay said...

Hope it rubs on to me more, needs a lot of patience when I have to face all kind of people everyday.

8:33 AM  
Blogger byjglobal said...

How beautiful it is the way you are and the way you think about BYJ. I can see your sincere and deep love for him. He should read your blog. When he reads, he will love it and love you.

10:19 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hi mishio, joyce,
swear to god, he really made a difference in me & i love him even more for that !!

hey bb,
thanks onni. but i cant guarantee if i will still be "calm" once i see him in gkfg costumes. i just love him in period costumes ^^

hello byjglobal,
the more i know about him, the more i admire & respect him. its that special something of byj !!

7:35 PM  

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