Sunday, March 19, 2006

what will i do ?

what if...i will be given that once in a lifetime chance to chat with yong joon. since i will be totally megastarstruck, i really don't have any idea at all what i will say to him or what we will talk about but i'm sure yong joon will take care of that and he will make the first move so that i will be at ease in our cozy conversation ^^

but, what will i do if he starts talking in his soft velvety voice and give me these soft lingering looks ?

i would probably become the first funny & weird looking living statue of its kind of a girl with this glazed eyes, with mouth agape, giddy hopeless smile on her face. definitely not the mysterious mona lisa smile !!

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another look

looks like BOF and Kim Jonghak's production company are restricting the public distribution of photos related to the drama's prayer ceremony held last march 16. i think this is a good idea. from the very start, the drama's producer should monitor and take the necessary measures to avoid the drama from getting too much hype. its a given that domestic and foreign media will give extra attention to this project since its a large scale production for a korean drama & it stars the asian icon, bae yong joon but i'm hoping that the shooting will be done smoothly & quietly and yong joon will have this chance again to show us another side of his versatility.

i think it's better if the public and media alike will be given enough room to build their excitement and anticipation towards the drama w/o exposing too much the details surrounding the behind the scenes of GKFG.

in this regard, i will start my own 'building of excitement' through these 2 photos from the event. the first picture was from the ceremony and a full body shot of the man with the long hair, torn jeans, hand in pocket and all !! the second picture was taken from his arrival at the jejudo airport, where he was warmly welcomed by ardent foreign and domestic fans.

cant' blame them ^^

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Thursday, March 16, 2006


this is simply to remind myself that today is not just an ordinary day.

some kind of wonderful happened this afternoon.....

i saw him again ^^

p.s. if only he took off his shades, i would love to see those clear gorgeous eyes !!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

what if......

i won't be the calm and collected gal this time around but i will shake up a bit my quiet byj world.

these are just some crazy ramblings from a tired mind & body stuck in the middle of chaotic days at work and totally craving to see even just a glimpse of him......

going over the recent news reports on k entertainment and blog entries of fellow bae fans, these thoughts went flying all over my head....

what if....after wrapping up april snow, yong joon immediately hopped into another film project and afterwards, started doing a tv drama project.
will this finally put an end to his fans' endless trials of waiting, more waiting and more thinking when they will see him again on the big or small screen?
and perhaps, create this frenzy of excitement amongst his fans on what particular film or drama set to visit & explore first?

what if....instead of choosing to do the gkfg drama, yong joon opted to make a big production, japan-korea collaboration tv drama with a famous japanese actress ?
will this help improve the popularity of the korean wave in japan or will it only give yong joon's critics more elbow room to dish out remarks that yong joon chooses projects that caters only for a certain age demographics?

what if....yong joon celebrated his birthday last august 29 with a few thousands of his fans coming from all over the world and during the occasion, yong joon serenaded his fans by playing the piano or the guitar & even sing a song or two.
will this be considered a complete turnaround from yong joon's low key & reserved personality & he did this performance for the love of his fans ?

what if....yong joon recently held a large scale fan meeting either in korea or japan attended by thousands of his fans.
will this mean that he is the current undisputed top star of the korean wave and finally put an end to all those polls after polls heralding who is the top hallyu/korean wave star in japan and elsewhere ?

what if....yong joon was the very first famous celebrity to stage a one-man protest against the screen quota policy and continued on with his protest even when he's swarmed by media, fans and plain curious onlookers.
would yong joon be hailed not only as the top korean actor but also the influential leader of the korean actors' group & receive praises from domestic & foreign media and fellow actors for his actions ?

what if....yong joon made a low budget, low profile-no hype but high quality film w/ solid screenplay & good acting ensemble.
will this hit it big in the korean box office & prove to one and all that a film featuring a korean wave star should not be snubbed and prejudged and be given proper recognition for what it's worth ?

what if....there will be very limited byj merchandise in the market and the best chance ppl has to catch a glimpse of yong joon is through his films or dramas only.
would this help eradicate yong joon's "too commercialized" image from some quarters ?

what if....instead of doing april snow, yong joon opted to do a film where he will play a character that is a complete reversal from his current romantic image & will totally challenge whatever inhibition yong joon still has in his acting arsenal.
would this perhaps help minimize the harsh criticisms yong joon gets from some korean critics & online writers ?

what if....yong joon chose to make a pan asian film created by famous film personalities coming from japan, china and korea.
will this be a signal that yong joon is ready to face the entire world ? that he has finally mastered the english language, got enough courage and confidence and is finally willing to step up to the challenges of being a "world actor" ?

gosh, what a lot of crazy what ifs.....this is a clear and present sign of reading too much internet stuff when my mind is simply missing him too much....sighs...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

the king on the tee

after going over some of yong joon's various interests in films, music & hobbies, i now turn my attention to his love of sport, in particular, his love of golf. this so called gentleman's sport happens to be one of my favorites too !! golf is not a physical sport but more of a 'mental game' and i enjoy watching the golfers go 'head to head' & show off their genius in course management against the backdrop of nature's beauty like the lush trees, blue oceans & majestic mountains. my friends who enjoys soccer & basketball get a kick in teasing me about my fascination w/ golf w/ these remarks, "what's the big fuss about a guy trying to shoot a small ball into a hole located somewhere among those mounds of greens ? " and ....." oh, i know why u like just want to watch something that will lull you to a deep, dreamless sleep !!" ha, but let me tell you this, those crazy friends of mine also keeps me company in watching golf especially during the majors like the augusta masters....or maybe...they think i've gone bonkers about golf & are just being extra nice to me ?? anyways, my friends and i have one thing in common about golf, we all admire "you're the man" aka Tiger Woods !! actually, it's his fault why i got hooked on watching golf. he is so talented & made the sport look so cool and interesting and he got this magnetic presence in the golf course that commands your attention and makes you forget the other golfers w/ big tummies !! besides, he looks so classy wearing those signature TW Nike golf apparel.

back to the other classy is a known fact that yong joon is seriously into golf. it is not just an exercise for him but also an opportunity to socialize with friends and a chance to let his guard down, savor the scenery in the golf course and simply enjoy the excitement of the game. he mentioned in his interview in 'the image vol 1' dvd that whenever he's going to play golf the next day, he gets all excited as if he's going on a picnic !! he's so cute, isn't he ? he also mentioned that he loves early morning golf, and playing the sport gives him a chance to chill out & enjoy the long day ahead, enjoy the pleasures of nature like the sunrise, enjoy walking on the green grass, enjoy looking at the blue skies.....hmm, he's not only athletic but sounds poetic too !

it was mentioned in a quilt article that yong joon is a member of this artiste golf club called 'ShingleBunggle ' (meaning 'happy smile') which is headed by the respected veteran actor, ahn seong gi and w/ the likes of park joong hoon, ahn jae wook, & lee jeong jae as members. oh, ok, i got it....i just realized they have one thing in common, they all have nice and warm smiles !! anyway, it would be a blast to watch yong joon play a round of golf w/ these great actors.

yong joon's first encounter with golf was around 1998 but it was in 2002 when he got hooked in the game & when he joined the artiste golf club. it was also reported before that he recorded his first eagle in the sapphire course of Lake Hills Country Club w/c is located in gyeonggi province & where his parents are based. btw, i read in a korean golf site that there are about 33 golf courses in gyeonggi province alone !! here's a view of Lake Hills....

more on his golf stats, it was also reported last yr that yong joon's best score was a 78, but this probably have improved & who knows, his score may now be in the vicinity of 72 or even par perhaps? yong joon mentioned in his 'the image' interview that his shot distance is over 300 yds ! not bad for a non pro & i guess his body building program helped a lot in improving his golf game. his golf instructor said in an interview that he classifies yong joon as the 'focused and high concentration' type once he plays golf and that his average distance is comparable to professional golfers. well, that is not surprising at all. knowing yong joon, he always strive to do his best in whatever activity he sets his heart out. very focused indeed.

it makes me wonder, who is yong joon's favorite golfer ? could it be choi kyung ju or better known in the professional golfing world as k.j. choi ? k.j. is active in the PGA Tour and is the most famous male golfer from korea right now. or, could it be the famous japanese golfer, shigeki maruyama ? he is also an active PGA Tour player and the one who sent yong joon a personalized putter during his first trip to japan last april 2004. better yet, it can be tiger woods !! the best golfer in the entire planet !! i prefer that its el tigre so at least we have one thing in common *wink*

south korea has about 196 golf courses and just recently, golf digest magazine, named the top 10 golf courses in korea. two of yong joon's favorite golf courses are in the list !! they are Midas Valley Country Club in gapyong county and Pine Creek Golf Club in anseong city. his other two favorite golf courses are the high end East Valley Golf Club and Lake Hills Country Club !! the number 1 on the top 10 list is Pinx Golf Club in Jeju. and here's another article in golf digest, it was reported that almost all of seoul's golf courses are private clubs & most with memberships costing around $100,000 to $500,000. the article mentioned one of yong joon's fave, Pine Creek Country Club as a private club and dispenses memberships for around $300,000 !! in a related topic from korea herald, it reported that membership costs for opulent courses such as the Midas Valley Country Club ( known as the hilltop refuge for billionaires) and East Valley Golf Club, two of yong joon's favorites, can go as high as $600,000 ( or 600mln won), that's a lot of money !! here are two pics of Midas Valley Country Club...

i'm sure that once yong joon settled himself in the volcanic island of jeju during the filming of gkfg drama, he will definitely find the time to play rounds of golf in the two world class golf courses in jeju, the haute-designed Pinx Golf Club and the western-leaning The Club at Nine Bridges. these two courses, accdg to golf digest, are considered to be the most beautiful in the whole of korea. Pinx Golf Club is actually ranked as one of the top 100 golf courses outside the US & Nine Bridges is one of the top 10 in korea and also pegs a membership costs of about $600,000 !!! here's a look at Pinx and Nine Bridges in jeju, the future hang out of yong joon *wink*

the 'great king' truly deserves to play in these magnificent courses..... :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

almost like being in love

what a day this has been
what a rare mood i'm in
why, it's almost like being in love......

yesterday was one crazy day at work. everybody in our office seem to be at the end of their wits and patience is running low at a very fast rate. why ? coz its almost there, the dreaded end of fiscal year !! everybody's nightmare !!! well, maybe not everybody. there's this one girl who seem to have acquired this calm demeanor even in the midst of all the chaos. a girl who has learned to smile, look nonchalant, & go on with her usual routine w/ not much fireworks & no visible tension. in short, this girl learned how to pretend big time !! even when her stomach is churning coupled w/ goosebumps all over after all the endless waiting for info fr outside sources & trying to beat the deadlines, even when her brain seem to stopped functioning after revising, rehashing all those mgt. reports, etc. etc. but this girl remained a picture of calm, quiet and patience. oh yes, this girl just became an instant pro. whoa, what happened ? this girl was not like this before. she used to get a little crazy, excited & stressed up during this dreaded time of the year. what could have triggered this change ? or to be more precise....who could have triggered this change ?

ok, it is so obvious that the girl is me *wink* and the who is none other than Him. bae yong joon. thanks to this guy, i've learned to become a ' lady-in-waiting ' in byj's boot camp !!. that's what i call myself sometimes when the byj waiting just becomes too much to bear. yong joon is like this hunky drill sergeant that gently and lovingly inculcate these positive traits to his followers that can help them overcome some difficult days ahead of them. as i've implied before in my previous entries, i'm not particularly good in the patience cum waiting department. i have a tendency to get a bit impatient, easily distracted & sometimes even lose my concentration on what i'm doing at the moment and transfer my attention somewhere else. actually, i'm more of a gemini than a taurus. but with this ongoing ' training ' under this gentleman officer, i did noticed some subtle changes lately. i'm not saying that i'm this crazy girl who easily freaks out when the going gets tough...( er, just a little *blush* )... and this continuing waiting game with yong joon definitely brought some positive changes that somehow made me more......patient, focused, resourceful, understanding, cheerful even when my hyper boss is breathing down my neck......oh shucks, come to think of it, its almost like being in love all over again !!!! jeez, the things you do to me, yong joon ^^