Thursday, February 23, 2006

love is in.....the hair

i noticed lately that yong joon seem to have acquired this habit of popping out from nowhere and show us a new look that always have this effect that makes our usually quiet and normal daily routine go haywire and simply turn our world upside down !!

like last sept 2005, he made this surprise appearance, actually, it was us who were totally surprised, in this inauguration of a resto in seoul. we saw him sporting a longer hair and a goatee that can give johnny depp a run for his money :)

then last nov 8, after his stay in japan, we were simply floored when korean news portals just had a feast posting all these gorgeous photos of yong joon coming out of incheon airport. again, he's wearing a longer & sexy-messy hair, more goatee, stylish autumn get-up and that unbelievable sexy aura that only yong joon can easily carry ...

when he went to beijing last nov 11-13, he showed us again a different look. this time around, yong joon seemed to have gained some weight, his cheeks are chubbier, the body is fleshier.......and the longer hair is straighter. i like the new hairstyle and it made him look younger *wink*

after another long.........wait, yong joon went public on dec 30 & this time, via a vod in his korean board with his new year greeting for his fans. we got to see a different look again !!. the hair is still straight but longer and is parted from the middle & we got to see more of his lovely forehead ^^

and the endless waiting continues......until one fine day this january, a very lucky japanese fan got to see yong joon on their way to tea loft in seoul. ha, good thing our japanese bae sis is alert and armed to the teeth !! she got her precious camera, aimed at yong joon and voila ! we got another photo from our elusive favorite man. the photo captured another beautiful smile from him and oh boy, he looks so dashing in his suit with his longer hair that is nearing shoulder length ^^

saving the best for last...the most recent episode of our tireless quest for what's the latest on yong joon gave us this most wonderful surprise !! we got to see this.......

looking lean, tall, broad shoulders, gorgeous smile, sexy get-up ....and the hair...definitely longer and just suits him so well. he just have this totally manly, chivalrous, knight in shining armour aura !!! love it!!
i must admit i have this weird habit of checking out yong joon's hairstyle every so often. if its the proper length, if its too made up, if its kind of messy (w/c i like) if its too permed, goes well with his wardrobe...etc....dont get me wrong ms. hong !! i have no intention of taking over your job. i just have this thing w/ hair especially yong joon's hair *blush*

and the hairstyle from his latest photos are just great for me. straight, long and away from the face. can't wait to see him all dressed up as The Great King galloping astride a big horse, holding this massive sword, going after the bad guys with this don't-mess-with-me look and his sexy hair flying all over. ooh, it just gives me the excited shivers !!


Blogger bb said...

me too me too... can't wait to him riding astride a stallion, with the wind in his hair.

gosh, that man's always able to give us so much to look forward to, so much to imagine about, and so much to love.

4:35 AM  
Blogger marissa said...

oh a few more weeks and we can see how he look's as The Great King.

6:56 PM  
Blogger liezle said...

"he always comes to us in new ways", that quote is in his homepage and it's so true, right?

btw, love your title ^^

8:40 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hi bb, marissa & liezle !!
if he's going to look this sexy in gkfg, i can stand another year of waiting !!!!

1:31 AM  

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