Saturday, February 04, 2006

instant amnesia

this is one of those lazy days when crazy thoughts rule my brain.....

i know almost all if not all byj fans are wishing and praying that yong joon put an end to his on and off smoking habit. sometimes, a message in his official board will come out asking & even to the point of begging yong joon to quit the habit. i'm sure he appreciates all the words of concern for his well-being but i'm also very curious what he tells himself after reading the do's and dont's from his fans.

when he collapsed after filming april snow, he was inundated with get well soon letters and lots of the letters ended with the sentence, "please, please stop smoking !" ha, now we know the real culprit. based on what i've read from some reports/interviews and from his physical appearance, yong joon seems like a health buff and he even claims that he has the will power to kick out this habit but it seems that he also has this habit of slipping back to his smoking when the going gets tough during filming. i wont go preaching about what he should or should not do, he's a grown up boy and i'm sure he knows the perils of this habit so i'll leave it to him to make the final decision. he knows what is best for himself.

ok, his job is not an easy one. he's responsible not only for himself but to a lot of people working for BOF & IMX. we all know that being an actor is not an easy task. yong joon's approach to acting by giving his 110% best can definitely take a toll on his nerves and on top of that, his celebrity status is simply overwhelming. cant imagine how he copes with all those pressures & demands coming from just anybody around, sometimes ( a very rare sometimes) i dont blame him if he indulge in his habit as his temporary means of "escape" where he can feel a bit relaxed & ease a fraction of the tension even for just a very brief moment.

alright then, enough with my rhetorics.....

frankly, i'm like zero tolerance when it comes to smokingm but....
call me me me a traitor....but, i must admit that when yong joon holds a ciggy in his hand and when he starts blowing out the smoke w/ that dreamy and sometimes brooding look on his face, he simply exudes major temptation !! i just forget what he's doing, i suddenly have this attack of instant amnesia on my lifetime ban on smoking and get carried away, swept away, whatever with his irresistible sexy look!!! crazy indeed !!!*blush*blush*

should i duck now or take cover w/ something bullet proof ???!!!

and for this blog entry, i will temporarily put aside my "war" against the ciggies of the world and declare a brief ceasefire.......and simply indulge in the beauty of this man who has this knack of making something not so nice look so appealing ^^

blog warning: a smoking BYJ is dangerous to one's health......

*cough* ..... and i now declare the end of ceasefire ..... *cough* ^^


Blogger marissa said...

hi frances,

What can a reformed smoker say? I'm sure he is aware of the bad effects of smoking to his body and I'm one of those hoping he can kick the habit out one of this days but it has to be his choice.

6:44 PM  
Blogger byjglobal said...

Frances: I really do enjoy your blog. I said the same thing to bb and I would like to say also. Your writing is so good and interesting that you should compile all including photos not eliminating anything at the end of year and publish the book and give to BYJ as a gift. He will enjoy it very much and I will buy it and many BYJ family will buy it. You must have spent lots of time researching things about YJ and I can see your deep love for YJ through your writing. Keep it up and may you succeed.
I hate smokers because I can smell them 100 feet away. But I surely tolerate YJ whatever he does. I will always love him no matter what.

12:08 AM  
Blogger bb said...

hey frances,
yea, have to agree with you... wuri yong joon looks so smokin' sexy when he's smoking :p

7:02 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hi marissa,
yes, i'm sure he's aware of it all !! and like you, i just want the best for him...

7:29 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hey byjglobal,
thanks a lot !! i'm glad you're enjoying my crazy byj thoughts ^^

that's a nice idea to compile all blog entries of all byj gals as a gift to him...a special gift from the heart to a special guy :)

7:36 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hello bb,
smokin' sizzling hot..he lights my fire, haha !!

7:38 AM  

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