Saturday, February 25, 2006

looking good

here is yong joon from the making of his latest CF from Secom Japan. oh yes, i was in for another treat !! he's definitely looking good and well .......and yummy ^^

Thursday, February 23, 2006

love is in.....the hair

i noticed lately that yong joon seem to have acquired this habit of popping out from nowhere and show us a new look that always have this effect that makes our usually quiet and normal daily routine go haywire and simply turn our world upside down !!

like last sept 2005, he made this surprise appearance, actually, it was us who were totally surprised, in this inauguration of a resto in seoul. we saw him sporting a longer hair and a goatee that can give johnny depp a run for his money :)

then last nov 8, after his stay in japan, we were simply floored when korean news portals just had a feast posting all these gorgeous photos of yong joon coming out of incheon airport. again, he's wearing a longer & sexy-messy hair, more goatee, stylish autumn get-up and that unbelievable sexy aura that only yong joon can easily carry ...

when he went to beijing last nov 11-13, he showed us again a different look. this time around, yong joon seemed to have gained some weight, his cheeks are chubbier, the body is fleshier.......and the longer hair is straighter. i like the new hairstyle and it made him look younger *wink*

after another long.........wait, yong joon went public on dec 30 & this time, via a vod in his korean board with his new year greeting for his fans. we got to see a different look again !!. the hair is still straight but longer and is parted from the middle & we got to see more of his lovely forehead ^^

and the endless waiting continues......until one fine day this january, a very lucky japanese fan got to see yong joon on their way to tea loft in seoul. ha, good thing our japanese bae sis is alert and armed to the teeth !! she got her precious camera, aimed at yong joon and voila ! we got another photo from our elusive favorite man. the photo captured another beautiful smile from him and oh boy, he looks so dashing in his suit with his longer hair that is nearing shoulder length ^^

saving the best for last...the most recent episode of our tireless quest for what's the latest on yong joon gave us this most wonderful surprise !! we got to see this.......

looking lean, tall, broad shoulders, gorgeous smile, sexy get-up ....and the hair...definitely longer and just suits him so well. he just have this totally manly, chivalrous, knight in shining armour aura !!! love it!!
i must admit i have this weird habit of checking out yong joon's hairstyle every so often. if its the proper length, if its too made up, if its kind of messy (w/c i like) if its too permed, goes well with his wardrobe...etc....dont get me wrong ms. hong !! i have no intention of taking over your job. i just have this thing w/ hair especially yong joon's hair *blush*

and the hairstyle from his latest photos are just great for me. straight, long and away from the face. can't wait to see him all dressed up as The Great King galloping astride a big horse, holding this massive sword, going after the bad guys with this don't-mess-with-me look and his sexy hair flying all over. ooh, it just gives me the excited shivers !!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

i'm no 'philematologist' !

will we finally see him this coming march?? i'm really very excited for the coming weeks coz after all the delays & postponements, something concrete was finally announced. i do hope that this is it. no more last minute changes and let the cameras rolling for yong joon's new tv drama.

so, while waiting for the man to make his public appearance again, i might as well do something timely, something that has social a topic related to the day of the hearts !!! oh yes!!! isn't that so original of me?! this time around i will let my thoughts play around this thing that symbolizes this heart shaped day in that exciting kind of way, and its none other than the "kiss". ok, i'm not an expert in philematology, kiss-ology, however we call knowledge is purely limited from my personal experience so i did another digging in the net to give just a little substance to what i'm going to blabber about.

actually, i've decided to take on this topic of "kiss" coz after going over my small collection of byj pictures, i saw again ( for the nth time) his photos from april snow where, you know, he did all those hesitant, yet sensous kissing scenes. must admit i'm still a little jealous of son yejin and boy, some girls are just so lucky !!! really, life can be so very unfair sometimes... syj is pretty, famous, rich and most of all, got to kiss & caress yong joon & mind you, not only once!!! jeez, my skin is getting greener by the minute again. ^^

alright then, what is a kiss anyway ? of course, all of us will probably answer that a kiss is this act of caressing with the lips against someone's mouth or other body part as an expression of love or greeting OR if we want it with more boldness, we can add the word french before the word kiss and define it as a 'soul kiss' coz they are saying that the life and soul are thought to pass through the mouth's breath in the exchange across tongues. i think there's no need to elaborate on this. the phrase "french kissing" is more than enough to let our imaginations run wild *wink* . there's another interesting description made by the ethereal Ingrid Bergman ( of Casablanca fame) and she puts it nicely, "a kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous"...that is so true !! the tricks of nature can be so naughty sometimes but very practical. less words and more actions can go a long way!!

or we can go mainstream and tech-smart & define "kiss" as the KISS principle or simply ," Keep It Simple, Stupid" , one of the golden rules of web design, search engine optimization (SEO) and online business as a reminder to the participants to avoid unnecessary complexities in the design process...sounds too unvalentine for me....

how about sweetening our mood? there's Kisses, that very famous chocolate candy made by Hershey's with that very distinctive shape wrapped in silver or golden foil....yummy.. one of my faves :) and oh, i got this trivia..Hershey's Kisses got their name because the machine that makes them looks like it's kissing the conveyor belt. haha, whoever from Hershey's came up with that idea sure has a rich imagination.

lots of notable artworks over the years were also created and inspired by the act of kissing...for instance there's that lump of marble stone hewed into that famous erotic statue 'The Kiss' by the celebrated French sculptor, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917).
a representative painting from the Art Nouveau movement, the controversial & subtly erotic painting by the Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) called 'Der Kuss' or...The Kiss.
the photograph of a sailor kissing a nurse in Time Square in 1945 and featured in Life Magazine. that famous kiss was caught by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898-1995). my mom has a reproduction of this photo and i find it really beautiful !! actually, a life size statue entitled 'Unconditional Surrender' was made by sculptor, Seward Johnson, Jr. to immortalize that Life Mag kiss spread and was unveiled in times square 60 yrs later last august 2005.
french photographer Robert Doisneau's classic photo, "Kiss by the Hotel de Ville" which has become a poster icon around the world.

now the interesting parts, i just realized that we can actually shoot 2 birds with one stone while kissing....we can enjoy some healthy benefits while enjoying a moment of passion !! accdg to health gurus, a person burns 26 calories in a one minute kiss as opposed to the energy expended in a minute's brisk walking of just 4.5 calories. hmm, i think i need to revise my work out program presto!!

kissing also helps reduce tooth decay because it increases the mouth's production of saliva, and saliva helps clean the mouth thus aides in the prevention of tooth decay, so , its like kissing is nature's own cleaning process !!. just a sec, why was i not told about this by my dentist ??

there's more....accdg to cosmo magazine, kissing slows the aging process. it helps to tone our cheek and jaw muscles, so they're less likely to sag. hey, there's no need for botox after all !!

kissing also boosts self-esteem. there's nothing better than a passionate kiss for a major dose of feel good factor. "in theory, when you're kissing, you're happy. And when you're happy, you feel good about yourself," says psychotherapist Paul Zeal. calling Dr Phil ...hey doc, did u discussed this in Oprah's show?

a cardiologist, Dr. Susan Hotchkies, says that kissing is also a great cardiovascular workout !!!! it increases fitness levels coz it pumps the heart and the pulse is racing and it release adrenaline into the bloodstream and the heart pumps more blood around the body. oh wow, and to think that i spend so much time and money in a treadmill !!

hmm, my supposedly valentine offering is turning into a mini science journal w/ all these health tips!! and i still have not touched on the profile of a good kisser...anyway, accdg to esquire mag, a good kisser sees the kiss as the destination itself. he kisses as if he will never do anything else with this woman, as if he never wants to do anything else with this woman. he kisses as if this is what he's been dying to do for years and he wants to savor every moment. isn't that so wickedly romantic ? this makes me wonder if yong joon as a kisser falls in this profile.....

yong joon showed a marked improvement in his screen kissing scenes today compared to his previous works. well, i guess, his works before were all tv dramas and he only showed the world his turnabout when he made his debut film "untold scandal" in 2003. and he definitely ignited my interest w/ his love scenes in april snow. there is this palpable sensuality and you can sense their intense pleasure and eagerness and at the same time its mixed with this air of guilt, hesitation and even pain. it sounds difficult to project in the screen but in my opinion, they pulled it off very well. i truly feel that they made memorable love scenes in the film. all the elements needed like the awkwardness, the buildup of excitement and the uniqueness of their passion were there to make the "plunge into the depths of guilty pleasure" of insoo and seoyoung simply unforgettable, at least for me ^^

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

instant amnesia

this is one of those lazy days when crazy thoughts rule my brain.....

i know almost all if not all byj fans are wishing and praying that yong joon put an end to his on and off smoking habit. sometimes, a message in his official board will come out asking & even to the point of begging yong joon to quit the habit. i'm sure he appreciates all the words of concern for his well-being but i'm also very curious what he tells himself after reading the do's and dont's from his fans.

when he collapsed after filming april snow, he was inundated with get well soon letters and lots of the letters ended with the sentence, "please, please stop smoking !" ha, now we know the real culprit. based on what i've read from some reports/interviews and from his physical appearance, yong joon seems like a health buff and he even claims that he has the will power to kick out this habit but it seems that he also has this habit of slipping back to his smoking when the going gets tough during filming. i wont go preaching about what he should or should not do, he's a grown up boy and i'm sure he knows the perils of this habit so i'll leave it to him to make the final decision. he knows what is best for himself.

ok, his job is not an easy one. he's responsible not only for himself but to a lot of people working for BOF & IMX. we all know that being an actor is not an easy task. yong joon's approach to acting by giving his 110% best can definitely take a toll on his nerves and on top of that, his celebrity status is simply overwhelming. cant imagine how he copes with all those pressures & demands coming from just anybody around, sometimes ( a very rare sometimes) i dont blame him if he indulge in his habit as his temporary means of "escape" where he can feel a bit relaxed & ease a fraction of the tension even for just a very brief moment.

alright then, enough with my rhetorics.....

frankly, i'm like zero tolerance when it comes to smokingm but....
call me me me a traitor....but, i must admit that when yong joon holds a ciggy in his hand and when he starts blowing out the smoke w/ that dreamy and sometimes brooding look on his face, he simply exudes major temptation !! i just forget what he's doing, i suddenly have this attack of instant amnesia on my lifetime ban on smoking and get carried away, swept away, whatever with his irresistible sexy look!!! crazy indeed !!!*blush*blush*

should i duck now or take cover w/ something bullet proof ???!!!

and for this blog entry, i will temporarily put aside my "war" against the ciggies of the world and declare a brief ceasefire.......and simply indulge in the beauty of this man who has this knack of making something not so nice look so appealing ^^

blog warning: a smoking BYJ is dangerous to one's health......

*cough* ..... and i now declare the end of ceasefire ..... *cough* ^^