Thursday, January 12, 2006

wishes and dreams......

let there be world peace...

ha, i'm not a beauty contestant or acting out a sanda bullock wannabe aka miss congeniality role but i really really hope for world peace in the new year. though this seem to be becoming more and more like an impossible dream but still, i'm not losing hope...

now, lets veer away temporarily from the serious stuff, and concentrate on the more doable wishes and dreams i have for 2006. obviously, this refers to only one person, the focal point of this blog ^^

what are my 2006 wishes for yong joon?

of course, this still includes the all time everybody's favorite.."wishing you good health, happiness and success" but i just want to give a piece of my mind on some of the things i want yong joon to concentrate on this new year, so here goes....

first, i wish him great success for his new tv drama "tae wang sa shin gi" or as some fans call it "The Great King", how apt for our man. it was announced a few weeks back that this drama will be shot in its entirety in the beautiful island of jeju. here's a map of s. korea & there's jeju !!, its on the southernmost tip of baeland ~

in this photo, i'm imagining yong joon astride a horse, preferably a black stallion looking over his domain with that beautiful backdrop!! btw, the scene below is from Seongsan Ilchulbaong Peak, Jeju.another dream scene of mine from the drama is yong joon having this action packed sword fight with his enemies atop that mountain. the great king showing off his masterful skills in swords and martial arts!! the view below is another beautiful scene from Seongsan Ilchulbaong Peak, Jeju.second, i wish he will announce this year his next project, preferably a film. i dont have any particular genre i would like him to get into but i wish it will be an artistic film that has commercial appeal. i would like this film to somehow redeem him for whatever perception some koreans may have after they panned april snow. in addition to this, if i'm not asking too much, i wish he will start filming this dream film in the latter part of this year. gosh, i'm beginning to sound like a dictator. but sometimes i do want to push yong joon a little harder so that he will make his next move asap.

i know that he is the professional, meticulous and careful guy we've all learned to love. that he is not that much interested in popularity contest or even box office results. that he is a firm believer in making quality films than making films by the quantity, i definitely agree to all of those but my dear yong joon, the competition is getting stiffer, the viewing public is getting to be more choosy and you're not getting any younger. you get what i mean? i'm not saying that yong joon will be a popularity chaser like some of the kr actors today but he really needs to do more films. i'm so sure that lots of good scripts are coming his way and its a shame if he will lose a golden opportunity just because he is not yet ready to make another project & he would rather be somewhere out there where he will become an invicible guy again, or to be more precise, can he cutdown his blackout periods & make a film instead?? is it asking too much if he can make at the most 2 films in a year ??....oh well, that's just the fan in me "dreaming", thinking only for my sake *blush* ... but in reality, i know that yong joon and BOF knows what they are doing and i fully trust them for whatever plans and decisions they will come up with regarding their moves in his film career. they know better the pulse of the public and mine is just a teeny weeny voice.

back to my countdown...

third, i wish yong joon will have this major transformation in his image. i love his tender & refined image but i do hope he will show off more his intense masculinity, which in my mind, yong joon is oozing with. i also wish that we will see more of him in pictures with those serious sexy look poses !!...dont get me wrong, i adore his killer smile but when he gets serious, he is to die for !! and here's wishing that he will put aside those flowers i normally see him holding in some of his pictures !!!, and if possible, no more make up pls or at least very minimal, read >> yong joon, dont you know that you're much much better looking w/o those makeup? i know that its like a fad among korean actors to wear makeup but yong joon just dont need it!!! ... so, ms. hong....just a friendly reminder, yong joon is not your favorite ken doll ^^ so pls pls make his natural handsomeness shine, pretty pls?? << *blush* ......and the dearest yong let your hair down once in a while, i mean it literally!! its so ok if its a bit messy or out of place. there's nothing wrong about it and your fans wont mind at all. long or short hair is ok w/ me as long as its not too made up. finger combed hair is very sexy, do you know that? and you look fantastic when your hair is a bit messy. but in fairness to ms hong, yong joon's hairstyle lately is just fine !!! alright, i will keep on saying this....yong joon is such a good looking guy that he only needs minimal retouch....his refined, intelligent and sexy aura comes from within and no amount of makeover can cover it up.

fourth, i dream that he will have this wonderful fan session with his korean fans. i feel that the korean sisters deserves more attention from him. they were the first one to discover him and they are still with him after all these 11 years. they just kept quiet and gave their all out support to yong joon while the rest of asia got to know him and is taking much of his attention now. i saw his great rapport w/ his korean fans in the 0911 april snow bungae in seoul and even just watching the vods and reading the translations of what happened there, one can really feel this love and respect between yong joon and his korean fans. how i would love to see that kind of scene again in a bigger venue with more fans around and more time to interact and chill out with yong joon. in addition to this, i hope all his fans from all over will have the chance to get together in korea with his korean fans leading the pack!...and throw in another dream...yong joon will play the piano or guitar for his fans and even sing a song or two perhaps ?? ^^

and finally , i wish he will have more time to socialize in order for him to meet new friends particularly from the fairer sex. ok, its like this...i wish he will finally meet his special someone this year !!! there are lots of lovely ladies out there who i'm sure are so willing to get to know yong joon too !! & dont be a hermit yong joon! there are lots of very interesting places you can hang out with friends beside your office, home and fitness gym ^^

yong joon simply deserves somebody who will truly care for him. this may cause intense pain to my poor sobbing heart but i do hope he will get to know somebody who shares his dreams, interests and is willing to take the chance as yong joon's partner even in the midst of all these craziness surrounding yong joon. that would be the day if yong joon will finally announce to his "family" about his soon to be life partner !! i wish....i wish....

now that i'm done with my 2006 wishes and dreams for yong joon, i have these wishes and dreams for myself when it comes to this wonderful man. i wish that i will get to know more & lots more about yong joon (particularly the juicy parts..haha) , get to know more beautiful bae family members and to finally get the chance to visit korea this year........baeland here i come !!!


Blogger bb said...

hi hi frances...

funny... seems like everyone's doing a blog piece on jejudo, though with different angles and pictures and styles. all nice and make enjoyable reading too. haha, me too, will soon write something on jejudo too... :p

thanks for sharing.

5:05 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hi bb,

i saw globe trekker w/ ian wright the other day & they featured jejudo. it looks so beautiful though i dont like the passenger ship ian took from busan to jeju...better take the plane !!

see yah :)

6:42 PM  

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