Sunday, January 15, 2006

my afternoon delight.....

its another lazy sunday afternoon. i'm not in the mood to go malling or go anywhere else for that matter. i've had my fill of going everywhere and anywhere during the holidays to last me for another month and all i want to do now is sit in front of my pc, go around byj sites and blog ^^.

actually i dont have anything much to write about and all i want to do is just look at his pictures and missing him so much !!! we are still waiting for yong joon to come out of his shell and start filming his new drama and when that time comes, we will again be loaded with lots of news and new pictures !! in the meantime,we just have to content ourselves by looking at his not so new to his most recent photos to somehow ease this nagging "i miss byj" feeling.......

ok, since this is the case, i will be posting a few of my fave yong joon photos, actually i have lots of favorites, in fact, i like almost all of his pictures even the unflattering ones!! i love this dreamy look in yong joon ^^. makes me want to close my eyes and dream about him too!!
he seem to have this habit of puffing his cheek when he is concentrating on something. that's a touch of boyishness in his otherwise serious, "i mean business" look.
everytime i see this picture, it always elicit a smile from me ^^. yong joon with his unkempt hair & bright smile looks so happy cuddling the dog...& even the doggy seem to be happy too !
one of my all time favorite photo from all the wls photos floating in the net. just love that naughty look on his lips and that smile line on his left cheek just above the lips is sooo cute.
i love love yong joon in black and white photos. it somehow brings out a different kind of aura in him....that unique, all his own intelligent sexy look ^^
i dont know but everytime i see him in a serious look, it makes me feel sad. sometimes yong joon radiates this lonely aura especially if he makes this kind of poses. makes me want to give him a big tight hug ^^
i love his frank shin look particularly the short hair. i miss seeing him in short hair!! i hope he will have the chance to cut short his hair again if its asked for in one of his future projects.
i find yong joon in this photo so mischievously charming as if he wants to do something naughty but he's just holding back & pretending to be a well behaved boy. hmmm, i wonder what he's thinking & what he was supposed to do ^^
wow, who would not be impressed with yong joon in a dark suit? he simply exudes class and sophistication when he's got this look. cant stand this anymore.....i need help !!!
this has gone far enough !!! these photos are making my slow and lazy sunday come to life again!! anyways, i adore the look of a younger yong joon too. as always, there's that very unique bae yong joon charm, that charm that captivated the hearts of many unsuspecting hearts ^^


Blogger bb said...

frances... think you and i like all the same pics :p
thanks for the sharing.

5:15 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hello bb,
of course, we love the same man ^^

5:12 PM  

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