Sunday, January 08, 2006

make it easy on myself....

it was a very hectic holidays for me but definitely super over the top fun and enjoyable *wink* . ok, now that the boyfriend is out of the way (miss him already !!), office work backlogs were wrapped up and done with, got recharged, its high time to baeblog again.

wow, at last, finally, i got to see him !!! he made his new year greeting last dec 30 via a vod in his korean official board, very nice !! he's still chubbier and w/ longer hair & he looks happy and healthy too. seems that yong joon is enjoying his break while preparing to the hilt for his upcoming tv drama. well, knowing him, he seem to enjoy this kind of total preparation & he get so totally engrossed in character analysis whenever he has a project. the consummate actor.

actually, this is my second christmas and new year as a byj fan. some say that having new years resolution is passe but i still do it !! and since last year, i've even begun making my own new year wishes for yong joon. for my first new year celebration w/ him, i posted my 2005 wishes in quilt on 12.31.04...down memory lane we go....

for our beloved yongjoon, the following are my wishes, in no particular order (haha)
1> wish byj would do another movie, or a tv drama perhaps? (is this asking too much?)
2> wish he would shorten his hair and let it fall naturally (no more blowers pls!)
3> wish he would not wear any makeup, he's handsome enough!
4> wish he would visit the philippines (wishful thinking??)
of course, i wish byj happiness, more success, peace of mind, good health...

wow, such simple wishes from a newbie fan......simple? nah, but definitely doable. anyway, did my 2005 wishes come true? ok, he did make april snow and he announced last year his new tv drama. next is about the hair and make up thing, well, i think i need to make a separate blog on this. i have a lot to say on this matter....i take this issue seriously...really !! the visit to the philippines i think will remain a wishful thinking in a few years time. i see no reason for him to come over to our country. korean fever in the philippines is not that feverish at this point in time. local dramas are still more popular than korean dramas which should be the case actually.....let me see, this topic needs some serious thoughts so i think this needs a separate blogging too !! hey, what is this, it feels like i'm telling myself to "blog more often, frances...bloggers are supposed to visit their blogs regularly & write entries & not just to ..." ok, alright, i got it !!! new year's resolution no. 11, visit & update my blog on a regular basis......there....happy now??!!

on a serious note though....this is my very first foray into the world of an actor's fan. first time i really got this seriously involved in dealing with things related to anything about an actor. so i guess, sooner or later i have to experience some good and not so nice things that could help me become a more "understanding" and "open minded" fan.

2005 was an exciting year for me as a BYJ fan. i got to know online very nice byj fans, i got to watch some of his previous works like HWRL & Papa, i got to watch April Snow, i got to discover byj's threads in soompi & sokorean where i actively contribute byj materials, & i got to know a lot of things about yong joon the person. but i also consider 2005 a tough year for me as his fan. maybe i'm overreacting or being oversensitive, but i felt that i've gone through a lot this past year. i call 2005 my baptism of fire as a byj fan. it was the year that i encountered some nasty remarks about yong joon & the first time i tried to fight back, & found out it was such a stupid thing to do. i realized that its so futile to confront faceless people in the net. i've discovered that its so cowardly to initiate bashings in the net and the best way to fight back is to ignore them. this episode helped me somehow overcome my sensitivity on anything negative that is being written about yong joon. i still have some traces but i'm doing my best to be more "forgiving"^^. i also learned how to deal with my insecurities & jealousy whenever i felt that yong joon is being overshadowed by somebody else. the world is round, everything is a cycle, there are ups and downs in anybody's career, so deal with it frances !!

but the thing that gave me the most highs and lows in 2005 was april snow. this film gave me the most heartache coz i know that yong joon made this film w/ all his heart and some ppl are just too insensitive and had a field day attacking him & the film. if they dont like the film then so be it, i respect their opinions, but why make those unnecessary, hurtful & senseless remarks? i never thought that many were suffering from the so called "i hate celebrity syndrome". well, its another first for me, i'm moving in the world of internet & i should be prepared to encounter anything insanely ridiculous albeit negative remarks.

on the other hand, april snow also gave me so much joy. i saw it before 2005 ended and its such a beautiful film. i truly feel that yong joon made the right choice in making that film. i think it further enhanced his ability as an actor, gave him more sensitivity and depth in bringing out a character. i guess it also gave him lots of important pointers in directing a film....his dream of becoming in the near future.

come to think of it, it feels like i'm following the footsteps of yong joon. it feels like i also took the difficult route....of becoming a byj fan. its not easy to be his fan. the constant waiting alone can take a toll in a fan's patience. it takes strong determination to be his fan or else there's a big chance you will wander somewhere else but once you got seriously hooked on yong joon, there's no turning back....coz he really is the only one....


Blogger marissa said...


so you included "bae blogging" in your new year's resolution just like me (we heard you bb). Keep them coming ok.

5:44 PM  
Blogger frances said...

hi there,
looks like i'm getting the hang of blogging !!
thanks for dropping by sis ^^

8:54 PM  

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