Wednesday, January 25, 2006

living the dream

bae yong joon, the future film director. sounds nice :)

yong joon is a man of few words, but when it comes to his future plans, he does not mince his words when he says to all and sundry that he wants to become a film director in the not too distant future. he is even vocal about his favorite directors, the likes of chinese directors ang lee, zhang yimou, chen kaige...... and the french director claude lelouch. ok, the chinese directors are very familiar to me, i've seen crouching tiger, hero, farewell my concubine & i like them all!!

but who is claude lelouch ?? yong joon mentioned in his chosun monthly (june 2005) interview before that he likes the directorial style of lelouch in his film un homme et une femme. while reading that arcticle, the french words looked familiar to me...its like a man and a woman but i want to make sure so i checked the film in the net and i discovered a lot of things about this director who made this film in 1966. its english title is "a man and a woman" after all, at least i remembered something from my basic french w/c unfortunately, i'm now way beyond remembering what i studied ( i didnt even finish the course :( ).....french is a very classy language but kind of difficult for me to learn. just like my clumsiness in photography, i also have this slowness in learning new languages...grrrhh...what a pity !!! oh, looks like i'm digressing here...

so, monsieur lelouch, who is not only a director but also a screenwriter/producer/cinematographer, made his most famous film during the great era of the 60's. new york times called "a man and a woman" the ultimate date movie of the 60's. looks cute huh?..actually, from what i've read, its an effectively and strikingly simple film with lush photography, with little dialogue spoken & conversations are heavy on symbolism. ha, the film sounds very bae yong joon in april snow to me & lelouch is also known for making movies based heavily on improvised dialogue...umm, another very familiar style...i wont be surprised if lelouch is also a great favorite of dir hur jinho of april snow.

other films that are said to be similar to the style of "a man and a woman" are two for the road, starring the classic audrey hepburn ; the way we were of streisand & redford and "before sunrise" of ethan hawke & julie delpy. waahhh...i just saw "before sunrise" & its sequel "before sunset" about 2 months ago and they are just wicked !!! i cant choose between the two..i like both films!!. here's my confession time.....i saw "two for the road" and "the way we were" about a year ago together with "picnic" w/ kim novak & "dr. zhivago" of omar shariff. i have this "old movie" fanatic friend who told me that i've got to see these films coz they're just great classics......i'm also into old movies coz of my dad but this is the first time i saw these films. so, i spent several weekends watching these films and i just fell in love with them and i want more more !!! i especially like "two for the road" !! dont know why, but i just find it gloriously confusing following around the escapades of this married couple. anyways, i just got hooked on these amazing great love stories...i should have been born 50 years ago !! back to the main man....yong joon strikes me as the kind of director-to-be who will be influenced by the lelouch film style in "a man and a woman". probably he is willing to explore the lush visuals, improvisation approach & spontaneity of the french director. nonetheless, yong joon is also interested in the film style of the chinese directors so we can expect from him a convergence of directorial styles influenced by these talented directors from different cultures and he will come up with a style & flair entirely all his own. i'm really looking forward to the time when yong joon finally embarks on the directorial field. i know he is happy being an actor and is always willing to learn and challenge diversity in his roles but you can also sense ( at least for me!) that his heart longs for directing a movie, creating a film that will showcase and highlight his vision, his sensitivity and innate artistry in the craft. and when that day comes, he will probably become the handsomest & sexiest film director around....move over george clooney ^^


Blogger bb said...

thanks for the 'research', frances... and yea, me too, looking forward to the day yong joon directs his own movie.

11:31 AM  
Blogger marissa said...

Gosh girl you are really something. I admire your researching skills. I really wish to see Yong Joon's work as a director in the future.

7:04 PM  
Blogger liezle said...

frances, you're being a researcher is very evident in your blog ^^

keep up it girl!


9:57 PM  
Blogger joycebay said...

Hi Frances
Hey enjoyed reading your blog. Keep on Blogging!! 8)

8:56 AM  
Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Frances
wow, you did good research, I enjoy reading your post very much. I just would like to add that after un homme et une femme, dir Claude Lelouch has made a few good movies but that's all.
After so many flops in the French box office, he's less known by people now.

10:52 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hey bb, marissa, liezle, joycebay,
thanks for the encouragement, will try to be more active...promise..unless byj becomes too much of a distraction ;)

& here's wishing that his dream may come true !!

camille, yes, i also read that monsieur lelouch became more "commercialized" & somehow lost his connection with the more movie savvy crowd. he did try to recoup his luster but w/ less success.

anyway, thanks also for the nice words.

5:26 PM  

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