Friday, January 20, 2006

and here's my top 10 list !!

how about making my own top 10 list for 2005! my exclusive selection of famous people who tweaked my interest for the past year. well, lets just say that some of them are newcomers, others are late discoveries and a few are regular mainstays. actually, i started doing this since 2003 and this is my first time to go to speak ^^

anyways, this is definitely not a serious take on these guys, just some silly homegrown thoughts from a starstruck gal ^^....drum roll please....

10. angelina jolie - this lady rocks !! i know that lots of good and not so good things had been said about angie but i just love her edginess & she makes a difference w/ her role as a UN ambassador. she is such a woman of contradiction...i wonder how her and brad's kid will look like...
9. denzel washington - this guy is a regular mainstay in my list since i started making my top 10. this is the guy lots of ppl are saying to have the perfect facial symmetry ! of course, the guy is simply gorgeous aside from being the total actor.
8. johnny depp - i simply adore the versatility of this actor. his choice of roles is so varied and you can say that again in his taste in clothes too ^^ a hard working actor and he truly deserves recognition for his performances....the film was not really raved about but i love him in chocolat w/ juliette binoche.
7. jon stewart - i love david letterman & he's my no. 11 this yr but this time around i will give the floor to jon, america's most beloved "fake news anchor", that's accdg to him !! love his talk show, love his style of "attacks" on the higher ups & he gets away with it w/ us laughing on the side ^^ looking forward to his oscar hosting job ( but i will miss billy crystal *sad* )
6. dan brown - a friend of mine has been bugging me to read his book since 2 yrs ago & i just kept the book in my drawer, forgot about it. what a stupid thing to do @#$! i remembered it in 2005, read da vinci code & i got immersed in it!! & i love angels & demons too !! another must see film for me this yr, da vinci code w/ tom hanks..
5. lance armstrong - love the tenacity of this guy. i would glue my face on the tv, even if its a spanish or french channel just to watch tour de france. the "maillot jaune" or the yellow jersey just looks good on him. sheryl crowe must be singing her heart out everytime this guy wins !
4. anderson cooper - he looks seriously serious everytime i tune in to cnn but when i started following the events after katrina, i just got hooked on this silver haired yale guy!! love his reporting style, love the way he controls himself even if the emotion is just getting too much to handle especially during his coverages of natural disasters. his mom, the gloria vanderbilt, must be very proud of him.
3. tiger woods - the kind of person i want to be when i grow up...become a multimillionaire by the age of 21 ^^, oopps, sorry, i'm just past that age ! anyway, he's another mainstay on my list. i really make it a point to watch the majors just to see what this guy will deliver. i admire his motivation, his dedication...quite a serious kind of guy but can be funny too...just dont click on the camera when he's making his tee shot.
2. jamie oliver - wicked !! love it when he says that expression !! i'm not really that good in cooking but when jamie started showing the televiewers how enjoyable it is to immerse oneself in the kitchen, i just got hooked !!...wicked !! errr, actually, i got hooked watching him on tv coz he makes cooking look so cool but the cooking stuff itself....well, i think i will still give it a pass & continue contributing in my small way to the progress of the fast food industry :)
1. bae yong joon - what a big surprise !! i never thot he would make it to the top!! hahaha, what more can i say ?? the title of my blog says it all ^^


Blogger bb said...

errr... cannot help but noticed that your list of top 10 is very much skewed towards men :p

haha... am not surprised at all at who made the top spot. you know, who made it to your top 10 gives more than a glimpse of what you're like, and... haha, now i know what sort of tv programs you watch :)

enjoyed this posting. thanks for sharing.

7:51 AM  
Blogger frances said...

my title shd have been, my top 10 men for 2005 ^^...ok, change angelina jolie to brad pitt !!

yup, the cat is out of the bag....
& now you know i can't cook :)

7:05 AM  

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