Sunday, December 18, 2005

two hearts......

no matter how far apart we are
he knows, i’m always right there beside him
we’re two hearts...

dec 17 is a very special day for me !! the two men i love most arrived on the same day & probably even on the same hour !! my boyfriend is home to spend a very short but meaningful *coughs* holidays with me and the other man in my life, yong joon, is finally back in korean soil *sighs* ! how coincidental can that be ! i'm in cloud 9 right now & i dont want to lose this feeling coz i know in 2 weeks time, this giddy feeling will turn to a sad, heartbreaking one coz my lovey dovey is going back to the states again....oh well, got to focus on the more positive side of things!!

speaking of yong joon, he finally came home. after so many weeks of news & visual blackouts from him, finally he's back in korea. i wonder what his korean fans are feeling? are they just like me, so happily glad he's home or is there some kind of "hurt" feelings that he opted to take his break outside korea, not writing or saying anything in his official homepage, even just a simple "hi and hello to my fans, i'm doing well in japan, dont worry about me " message ? but i guess the korean fans know better than that. they are the unofficial "experts" when it comes to the perennial yong joon disappearance act. they can definitely predict what yong joon will do everytime he finish a project. haha, good thing i came around as a byj fan when this kind of "byj act" is already an accepted norm among the byj fans or else i may go forever pulling my hair thinking where in the world is him ?#$!!....and i may be wearing a wig right now !!!!

hmm, i wonder what is his current look. he said before that he has to gain weight for his role in The Great King so i guess his looks is like in beijing with probably a longer hair & perhaps a goatee ?? i really really love to see him sport a goatee, a beard, a moustache will somehow roughen up his very refined & handsome face and make him more ruggedly handsome. actually that is one of my 2006 wish for yong joon, him to project a more rugged image and him to slowly veer away from his usual tender image. i think its high time for yong joon to show the world another versatile side of him.

but in the end, whatever image yong joon would like to project is fine with me. this is just the physical aspect of his status as an actor. what's important is he will not lose his system of values which he had been holding on for a long time. its those values that makes him look even more handsome & appealing that no amount of image make over can cover up.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

just a glimpse...

just wait, there's no need to frustrate
waiting is the best part
i'll see you and it's only a matter of time...

my work is up to my neck lately coz i will go on leave on the 16th but i just cant resist to post even a short entry. and the reason is its missing yong joon so much. it's been about 20 days since i last saw his pictures in beijing and to this day, i still have no idea if he is still in japan, what he's doing there, when he's coming back to korea, etc etc. come to think of it, why am i being too nosy in yong joon's private space? as if i have any right at all !!

he really is very good in going invisible, i wonder how he manage to do that, him being too famous...and he is doing this vanishing antics in, of all places, japan, where he is probably one of the most well known faces & even non byj fans would grudgingly admit to that.

oh well, just hope he's fine and enjoying whatever he is doing, and whoever is with him, better take care of him !! and i'll say it again, good thing i have a young and strong heart or else this guy is going to give me an irregular heartbeat everytime he disappears into thin air ! even houdini could take a hint or two from yong joon ^^