Thursday, November 17, 2005

i'm all shook up....

whew!! that was another whirlwind weekend !! i may not be in beijing but it sure feels like i'm one of those fans chasing yong joon all over the place. byj's china trip kicked off last friday, nov 11 and boy, it was so much fun. the anticipation of seeing him get off the airport, the blow by blow account by those wonderful chinese fans and the tireless translations by other wonderful fans who were glued to their pc just to share what's happening out there in beijing. & where was i?? oh yeah, i'm like one of those little garfield dolls that you stick in the rear car face literally got stuck in my pc and only my eyes and fingers were moving...tsk tsk tsk, hard to believe but its true. my fingers were like flying going from one byj site to another, one chinese portal to another, on the hunt for whats the latest in beijing on that very day.

but this trip have lots of added exciting features to it. it has been quite some time since we've seen yong joon in action. yeah, we feasted our eyes on him early last week when he arrived from japan, but those were just teasers. the main attraction is this trip. we will definitely get tons of pictures, vods, articles, fan encounters on these china episodes and we were not disappointed.

in the afternoon of his arrival, he had his press conference together with dir hur. sorry, i almost forgot to mention him **blush**, just got too excited feasting on yong joon. and wow, i was really surprised !! yong joon gained weight and he looks so wonderfully chubby ! his face is rounder, oh, i would love to pinch those chubby cheeks..& his body is fleshier. and he's got longer and straighter hair too !! boy, he looks younger and handsomer ^^ and his wardrobe is just great, love the styles and the colors. and there's more... we got a wonderful news. he had dinner with the great chinese director zhang yimou ! could that be a project in the offing ? hmm, that would be lovely if yong joon will have the chance to work with the great director. i will definitely watch out for the interesting developments in this momentous meeting.

it was kind of hectic for yong joon with one activity after another. but the fans got a load of him in that trip. yong joon and dir hur made three stage greetings and it was fun even by just looking at the pictures and watching the vods. it was really exciting running after yong joon in the net but it also feels kind of blurry. i mean, everything happened way too fast. he arrived, had the presscon, then the next day, he had these fan greetings, interviews and on sunday, he flew off !! just like that ! it was like huh ?! he came, he saw, he conquered then he left. that was probably the fastest 3 days i've experienced. i'm still savoring the events of friday and saturday and suddenly he's gone on sunday.

that sunday is kind of bittersweet for me. i felt the sadness of the chinese fans too. they went through so much preparation, so much anticipation, so much excitement and its all over just like that. moreover, pictures of him leaving beijing hotel made me a little sad coz i know it will be a matter of weeks before we see him again. thank God his next drama will start grinding on january or else we will be left stranded and wondering again.."where in the world is yong joon ???"

and....wonder of wonders...that man made another stylish disappearing act. come again?? yup, he's supposed to leave for korea on sunday & we got this flash report that he left beijing and bound for japan. again?? a big YES!! supposedly a business trip according to BOF. ok, no questions will be asked by me coz he's the boss. he's got to decide what's best for BOF & IMX so i wont ask, "how long will he stay in japan this time around?", "why is mgr yang not with him in japan?" "where is he staying in japan?", " how come its taking him too long to come back to korea?", "is that purely a business trip or an extension of his vacation?"...hahaha, i just asked the questions that i should have kept to myself...^^ btw, i think its a must for every byj fan to have a strong heart coz this guy is just full of surprises.

as of this writing, we're still waiting for any news in his whereabouts. ha, as if we'll have one!! coz when this guy is out of the limelight, he really makes sure that he's totally out of it! ok, so after the excitement comes the waiting and more waiting. come to think of it, this seems to be the norm in the life of a byj fan. mmm, i think we could make a mathematical formula out of this: anticipation + excitement = happiness multiplied by loads of patience.

but its worth it. the man simply blew me away since he made his surprise return last week fr japan and charmed me all over again in his short but sweet china trip. now, i'm waiting for him to shake me up once more in his next public appearance....