Thursday, November 24, 2005

the day after......

i've been staring at my pc screen for the past 10 minutes or so. its kind of difficult to put my thoughts in words. a lot had been said about april snow, and yet i feel that there's still more that has not been said. a lot more were missed out. those little things that may look insignificant to others but are a big deal for a byj fan like me.

i've seen the film yesterday and at this very moment, scenes after scenes were flashing in my mind. i've seen the film twice and i must say i was overwhelmed by the emotions insoo went through. ok, i should feel for the character of seoyoung from a woman's pt of view, & i may be the most biased person to give these kind of remarks but what really hit me when i watched april snow was the helplessness of insoo during those trying moments. he was so helpless in upholding the integrity of his marriage and at the same time so helplessly lost in what's happening between him and seoyoung. i cant help but fell for that emotion. i got caught in his weakest moments, those indecisive moments where he was on the threshold of letting go or hanging on.

i was totally drawn into the world of insoo. it felt like i was actually there where it all happened. it felt like i was an accessory to his decisions, an accomplice to his every action. insoo somehow typifies a man who wants to take control of everything and ended up losing a big part of himself. oh insoo ! the pain you went through. the values you stood for in the midst of all those uncertainties. the passion you felt in spite of all the adversities. i dont know if this was how dir hur and yong joon tried to picture insoo but these were what i felt when i entered insoo's world.

april snow for me was like a walk through in the minds of insoo and seoyoung. its not the typical melodrama where almost all the emotions were laid down like cards and all you have to do is just pick it up and make the corresponding facial expression like crying or laughing. in april snow, its like you were walking hand in hand with the characters and together you will create those crucial decisive moments.

before i entered the theater, i told myself that this will be an easy watch. i've seen a lot of reviews coming from professional critics, fans and plain hacks and i have pretty much an idea on what its all about, the scenes to watch out and the scenes that could have been improved. but i was wrong. when the first scene flashed on the screen, i was immediately transfixed. i forgot all those reviews i've read, and i went along with the unfolding of the story and followed the train of thoughts of the characters.

its pretty obvious that i liked the film. yes, i love the film and i intend to see it a number of times. but i also acknowledge the fact that april snow could have been a better film. for what purpose? for commercial value perhaps? dir hur could have retained those scenes that were supposed to focus more on the romance of insoo & seoyoung. dir hur could have made the film more emotional in an overt manner where the audience could easily identify with the characters. the film could have more of those glossy colored backdrops that could enhance further the senses of the audience & make the scenes more memorable. or those dialogues that could pierce the hearts of the audience and could probably make them cry their hearts out.

but i'm glad dir hur did not adopt all those aesthetics. i'm glad he opted to package the film the way he sees it. the way he feels it. for me, april snow is an honest film, too honest that you will either take it or leave it. it was bared for us to contemplate on, to dwell on human frailties & ultimately to understand the actions of the characters. in fact, it was only in the end where we witnessed the richness and purity of the characters' emotions symbolized by the spring flowers surrounded with snow.

i know i probably missed a lot of little things in the film like those not so obvious gestures and unspoken words that could have given me a deeper appreciation of the film but from what i've seen & grasped, i can say i'm truly thankful for seeing this film the way dir hur intended it to be. a simple film with no pretensions. and i'm grateful to the actors particularly to yong joon...for giving us a glimpse of insoo.


Blogger bb said...

hey, frances, so you've decided to enable the COMMENTS feature? great... love your sharing on AS, agree with you on most counts.

am sure the story, the characters, the music will continue to 'haunt' you for days to come, and you will be going out before you know it :p

4:50 AM  
Blogger frances said...

hi bb !! thanks for the encouragement. i'm still reeling from my AS encounter. love the film so much and the OST is a treasure. cant wait for the dvd !!

7:02 PM  
Blogger marissa said...

Hi frances,

glad you were able to put into words what your thoughts are of the film. I can't seem to do so until now.

How I wish I can see the movie with you and liezle. Keep up with the beautiful writings.


2:32 AM  

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