Wednesday, November 09, 2005

blew me away.......

this is what i'm really afraid of. yong joon will suddenly appear before my eyes, sporting a new look, and totally blow me away !! what is he trying to do to his fans ? haha, i'm not complaining at all, oh i'm just very happy that he's back & looking healthy, relaxed, tanned and a bit surprised. that was a great timing for yong joon's arrival. reporters were all over the airport terminal coz a famous korean soccer player just arrived and here comes yong joon, clueless to what's instore for him. i would like to express my deepest gratitude to park jisung the famous soccer player for being there before yong joon. if not for mr park, yong joon would have slipped out of the airport without us seeing him even in pictures. this may sound too selfish, but i do want to see him after a month's absence!

it was a such a treat for his fans! we were like struck by lightning and everybody went gaga on how he looks like. he was wearing a goatee, how cool is that ! i like a guy wearing a goatee...well, actually, depending on the guy :) tiger woods, another hot fave of mine, is also sporting a goatee and he looks much better. now here comes this other great hot guy. yong joon looks terrific in rugged looks, torn jeans, without any trace of actor's make up, a bit messy longer hair, all steamingly natural. i suppose this is in preparation for his upcoming tv drama. yup, it would be way much better if he will have his own beard rather than plaster a fake one during the filming or they might find trouble with hanging beard or moustache while yong joon is galloping in his horse or shooting those fight scenes :)

i think the media also went gaga over yong joon's arrival. his photos were just everywhere. we were like a bunch of wide eyed, clueless kids who have no idea what hit them. yong joon, his fans, the media...we were all wonderfully surprised and it was a wonderful feeling.

cant say much more at this time coz i'm gearing up for his china trip this friday. oh yes, we'll have another weekend filled with yong joon. i wonder how he will present himself to the china fans ? probably he will have a more conservative wardrobe during this trip. i like that. actually, i prefer to see him more in blacks, whites, browns and greys. particularly black. love him in dark colors. i do hope ms hong the stylist wont slip in this visit. and pls. no more pinks.