Tuesday, October 25, 2005

waiting to exhale.....

at last!! yong joon will visit china !! it was just announced today by bof that yong joon will come to china on nov 11 to promote AS. and i think yong joon was specially touched by the efforts of his chinese fans in requesting him to come over. they even did a signature campaign ! we've been waiting for quite some time for this announcement and finally its a done deal.

ok, the only missing piece of the puzzle now is yong joon. where is he anyway ? he's still in japan ? he went to the states on oct 7, then from LA went straight to tokyo on oct 19. he's been gone for almost three weeks !! imagine that, he's been invisible for the past three weeks and i must say he really is very good in hide and seek. when he disappears, he does it in style. he disappears without a trace....and the japanese fans are oh so nice to him. i'm sure some were lucky enough to spot him somewehere in japan and yet they do not say a word. they are really so caring and they love yong joon so much and wants him to enjoy his vacation. whereas, poor me, is out here waiting and wanting just a teeny weeny glimpse of him. good thing i'm not japanese & i would have gone bonkers and announced to everybody, "i saw him!!" "i saw him !!"

so the waiting continues. we dont know when he's coming back to seoul. for all we know, we'll just have this posting in his official board that he's back and that's it. so unfair !! whoa, i'm sounding too possessive and selfish here. probably this is just a case of missing-him-too-much syndrome. what is with this guy anyway ? how can he make us miss him this much ? how come he makes us thirst for any kind of news about him ? i'm willing to accept any news, any at all even if its a senseless poll like who has the best feet among korean actors !! this kind of situation makes me think about the korean fans of yong joon. wow, they are really the model of model fans. yong joon is notoriously known in taking long breaks in between projects. without a trace. and his korean fans are always there quietly waiting for his return. they respect his decision to go awol and their love for him never diminish. some fans would probably have gone haywire and seek other actors to go after but this special breed of fans of yong joon are always there. i read an article in BYJ's quilt before that this special group are known as byj fans for life. totally cool ! yong joon is really a lucky guy. if i were in his place, i would rather have these fans for life than a million fans who comes and goes at their whim. but for life ? that's a real gem.

as for me, its the now that counts. i cant say if i'm made of that fan for life stuff, but who knows ? all i know right now is that i totally miss this guy, & my love and admiration for him is still the same as it was a year and a half ago. no change at all, in fact, i think its even increasing at a higher level. maybe in just a few more years i can even draft his unauthorized autobiography !! i just hope bof will not run after me and slap me with a lawsuit, haha :)

yong joon, where are you ? we're waiting for your touchdown.