Friday, September 30, 2005

walk on through the wind......

i've been a bad girl and i did not make any entry in my blog for almost a month. blame it on too much dosage of yong joon and whats going on with April Snow. since yong joon came from japan, i've been bombarded with lots of vods, pictures, articles on his promo tour and i was just floored. add to this, i got hooked on going over reviews and what ppl are saying about AS. i wont elaborate much on what i feel about other ppl's thoughts on AS coz everybody is entitled to one's opinion, and i wont say much on the not so nice and senseless things written about AS. i'll only focus on the positive side of things this time around. suffice to say, AS got mixed reviews, it had a share of negative ones and a fair share of positive reviews, & that's good enough for me. i still have to see the film but from the numerous reviews i've read, i can say that the film is kind of difficult to digest for ordinary moviegoers but i sure envy those who were able to capture the essence of the film. i hope i will be one of those lucky ones. i would like to see what dir hur, byj & syj envisioned for this film. i want to capture what went into their minds, what they saw through their eyes in completing this film.

i feel sad with what happened to AS in korea. of all the places in the world, his own country let him down. lots of things had been said about the reasons why AS was not that "successful" in Korea, depending on how you define successful in the context of type of korean movies. i must say i was really very very disappointed in the korean media on how they treated AS & byj. i was upset to the point of being disgusted. good thing i have an idea on why they've done that to AS & byj plus that factor of AS being a film not for the mainstream audience. having said all these and yet still not saying so many things, i think this episode in yong joon's career is a learning experience for him. its just hurtful for a fan like me but knowing yong joon, he is taking all these in stride. bruised, but definitely not beaten. some ppl may continue on downgrading yong joon but i'm pretty sure he will have the last laugh on all of these, he will be the last man standing and he will still be the king of our world !!

on a more upbeat note, i'm so happy about the reception of AS in japan. the japanese byj fans as well the japanese moviegoers gave AS a much deserved recognition. to date, it has become the top grossing korean film in japan and they really seem to like the film. good for them !! looks like AS is more to the taste bud of japanese than koreans. i'm also happy that AS did well in its screening in a number of internationl film festivals. to be recognized by movie savvy critics and audience is more than enough for me to cover up the mess the korean media made against AS. now i'm thinking, after all this hoopla, i'm sure yong joon will not let this happen again. or at least minimize this kind of things to happen in the future. i'm sure byj and bof took stock of things, went over them, and made another battle plan. so i guess his upcoming TV drama, The Great King is something that i will definitely look forward to. this is going to be one amazing epic drama for sure. and yong joon will make sure of it.

this month of september year 2005 was really something. i went through a gamut of emotions as a byj fan. it was trying, it was difficult, it was painful. but the best thing that happened here was i went through this with my fellow byj fans and with yong joon himself. we went through this and we hurdled it with laughter on the side and it made me love him even more. he showed us grace under pressure. dignity even under fire. that's our man. he made us walked through heavy rain and wind and together we survived it.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

the mere idea of you..

happy birthday yong joon !! august 29 is the special day and he just turned 33. and what did he do ? he decided to go to japan on this special day. yup, its a working day again for him but i guess its still kind of a family day coz he'll get to spend it w/ his japan family. i'm ot sure until when he will stay in japan but probably it will be a week at the most ?? coz i'm sure he will be involved in a lot of press junket for the movie and the japanese media will have again a field day and of course the fans will have an overload of yong joon !! sometimes i wish i live in japan, or my boyfriend is a japanese (joke only!!) so i will also enjoy all these fringe benefits of a japan family.

let me see now, he just graced the tokyo premiere of april snow last tuesday with dir hur and syj at the tokyo intl forum. looks like thousands attended the premiere with more thousands outside the venue waiting for just a glimpse of the the man. wow, they must really have missed yong joon, yeah, its almost 9 months since his last official visit so the emotion is running high in japan right now !! ok, i'm really itching to say this...i will be very blunt about this....i dont like the hairstyle in the premiere. the suit is great, the man is to die for, everything is great except the hair...why oh why is ms. hong the stylist keeps on experimenting on yong joon's hair. i really dont get it. the man is handsome enough, his hair is in good condition ergo its really an easy task to groom his hair. he does not need those kind of diff hairstyles, one is enough and that is, the natural and easy style...not the over done look that sometimes comes out a little weird. i love love this guy so much and i want him to look in his handsome natural glory. this is also one reason why yong joon gets a lot of not so nice things being said about him. they attack him through his hair !!! grrrhhh !!!! and for heaven's sake, sometimes i wish yong joon will say something to his stylist ? i know that most or almost all (?) kr actors have these weird looking hairstyles, over made up face and kind of weird fashion sense but i dont want yong joon to be lumped in that group. comparing yong joon to the other actors, he appeared to have less make up, more appropriate dress sense but the hair.....oh well, i think its another bad hair day for me, so i'll just leave this for now and pray that ms hong will come to her senses and stop playing with my man's hair. alright, my mouth is zipped ....

comes next the april snow reunion at the saitama arena. this is unprecedented. imagine, 30,000+ fans assembled in that arena just to have a glimpse of the man. he is not a singer or a dancer or an evangelist and yet he was able to get all those ppl to attend the reunion and there are thousands more in offsight venues !! but why am i sounding so surprised, i should not be coz he's BYJ, the most popular foreign celebrity in japan. he should have asked for a bigger venue to accommodate all the fans and BYJ watchers. looks like yong joon got emotional in the said reunion, who wouldn't be ? after being showered with all those love and adoration, one cant really help but get emotional.i'm so happy for him, after what he probably went through the hands of those nasty april snow critics ( i will elaborate on this on my next entry) he deserves this TLC. even SYJ i heard got emotional !! probably some fans also cried, good thing the arena did not get flooded with tears, but it sure got flooded with all those positive and happy energy ! good for them and for yong joon.

dir hur is probably wondering, huh ? what am i doing here? this is not an AS promo, this looks like a meet the fans session!! poor dir hur, sometimes i pity this guy. he deserves all the recognition he can get coz he's one talented chap but i guess he should also accept the fact that april snow in japan is somehow connected to the name of yong joon. but i'm sure once the film is shown the japanese will realize that the film is his and they will further appreciate the talent of the master.

since after the taiwan trip, i've been thinking about what comes next in japan. i was thinking will he be as hot as before ? will the japanese fans lose their interest in yong joon ? but all my worries come to a naught. they showed their intense love and admiration to yong joon and he surely deserves it all.

now, i'm wondering why i titled this blog as "the mere idea of you" ?? i usually put in the title first before i go blabbering about. yeah, i guess its self explanatory. the mere idea of this guy makes want to say so many things about him. makes me want to reminisce all the great things i encountered about him. simply makes we want to love him more and more....