Monday, August 01, 2005

what a wonderful world

ok, i'm being too dreamy again. i just feel so upbeat today that i really feel very happy to be jotting down thoughts on someone i like. its the first day of August and the major countdown begins. this is the month that yong joon will be making his public appearance again after his much needed break from filming. probably within this month we'll be seeing major promotions of the movie like trailers, more pictures, more news. this is the month that yong joon will have his fan meetings in Taiwan and Japan. only 2 countries ? i thought its going to be around 3 or 4?? well, i think this is ok since there are lots of activities lined up in this month & it would be too much for yong joon to be hopping around in so many countries & may affect again his health. he needs to recover his full strength coz his next project seems to be action packed.

going back to April Snow, August will also be the month that the movie will have its premiere in Seoul and i'm totally, absolutely envious of some Bae fans who are going to attend these bunggaes for the movie come 1st wk of Sept. . well, some people are just darn too lucky. if only i could just say to my boss, " Sir, may i take a leave of absence for one week coz i'll be going to korea to watch a movie ??"...he'll probably stare at me and bark, "Are you nuts ??", "But Sir, its a BYJ film, remember BYJ of winter sonata, your favorite k-drama?" boss is a closet k-drama fan...end of whisper... haha, he would probably give me his signature smirk and will tell me oh so gently, " ok young lady, you better finish that proposal or else you wont meet the deadline!", to work while others are having this chance of a lifetime of "probably" meeting yong joon in a bunggae...ha, just my luck!@#$

and...August is the month of yong joon's 33rd birthday !! its August 29 to be exact. one more year is added to my yong joon's charismatic career. but as a tradition, yong joon does not have much fanfare during his b-day. he just goes to work as if its just an ordinary day. typical. but anyway, i've declared that these BYJ birthday thoughts deserve an entry of its own and therefore, the next entry will be my bday offering to yong joon. my own b-day fanfare for him !!

anyhow, it just feels nice to know that yong joon's April Snow will finally be shown this September after a long wait since it was first announced last Dec 2004 (?), that long ?? i think i'm getting the hang of being a BYJ fan. i've cultivated the virtue of patience, and more patience in waiting.....hallmarks of a BYJ fan...sighs...

my thoughts are zigzagging again...

but for every happy moment, there's always a letdown. and this letdown is the fact that April Snow wont probably be shown in the Philippines either Sept or Oct. its even doubtful for Nov and Dec. major letdown indeed. i think i will just have to wait for the release of the dvd from yesasia which is about 3-4 months after the showing, probably Dec. or Jan 2006...ggrrhh, the waiting is just toooo loong....more patience my dear...

btw, the picture i posted is one of my favorites. i just love seeing him with kids. yong joon has a different kind of aura when he is with kids. he looks so carefree, happy and downright cute. it would be nice to see him married some day with a kid of his own...though i would be totally & insanely jealous, i would love love to see him happily settled in the future with kids of his own, preferably w/ 1 or 2 sons who look exactly like their dad !! oh, that would make a wonderful world indeed!!