Monday, August 22, 2005

the more i see you...

oh wow, that was one heck of a weekend following every move of yong joon in Taiwan. that is , following him around on tv and the net. his April Snow promo gigs in Taiwan from aug 19-21 was i think a big success though i find the taiwanese reporters a bit aggressive towards my yong joon. and the fans ? i think they were so lucky coz they were able to get near the Man!!

after more than 2 months of not seeing him, i must say he looks magnificently gorgeous. he simply took my breath away !!! he looks refreshed, well rested, happy and oh so gloriously handsome. my eyes just popped out of the sockets the first time i saw him in the airport. i felt so happy....i was at home working and took my chance in some of the cable channels from taiwan....and lo and behold, there's a live footage of the taiwan airport with byj fans all over !!! ha, so they're probably going to telecast his arrival, i told myself......and yes, oh yes, they did !!! he was just so adorable when he made his first appearance and the jostling and pushing from the reporters and fans began. and the smile never wavered. so nice and friendly to the fans and the too aggressive taiwanese reporters. it took him a while before he got out of the airport and the jostling continued until he arrived at the Grand Hotel where he was billeted. and i saw it on tv too !! imagine just walking from the main entrance to the main staircase where there's this big AS poster took him quite some time coz of the volume of people trying to get near him !!

ok, after all the hoopla on yong joon's arrival, comes next is the April Snow press conference with Director Hur Jin-ho. oh wow, he looks stunningly handsome wearing that favorite specs of mine. as usual the attention is centered on yong joon. i felt a bit embarrased for dir Hur coz he was kind of forgotten in all the BYJ excitement. but i guess he knows this will happen and he's prepared for utmost respect to dir hur !! looks like yong joon enjoyed the presscon and as always, he is so cordial and a gentleman and though i did not understand a word they were saying, looks like yong joon responded to all the questions with the right answers, well, that's my yong joon, always ready and prepared. hey, i think i'm getting too detailed in here. i'm supposed to be jotting down my thoughts and i'm here detailing all his moves...well, cant help it, i missed the guy so much and i want to capture every moment that i saw him on tv coz this may not happen again. anyway, to make the story a bit shorter, i am so happy seeing him again and am so happy seeing him looking happy and healthy.

from friday to sunday, i had one of the best weekends of my time as a byj fan. i got to see him everyday & almost every hour on tv and it was pictures galore in the net thru eetv, tvbs, appledaily, etc...i was flooded with byj pictures and news and boy, what a great feeling that was. it was a nice feeling waking up in the morning that you will get to see lots of yong joon even only in TV and the net and this great reluctance to sleep at night knowing that the last day of his visit is just around the corner and i just dont want to let go of him yet.

i got to see him in a hand printing event, eating in a restaurant, visiting a sick fan in the hospital, visiting a studio, hanging out with kids and getting honored with a crown of fruits !! dont know much the story behind the symbolism of the crown of fruits though it was mentioned that it was an honorary thing or something, and i'm so proud of yong joon.

the best part probably of his taiwan trip is the meeting with the fans. about 2,000 fans had the chance to hang out with yong joon that gorgeous sunday morning. it was also kind of an advance birthday bash for him coz his birthday is on aug 29. looking at yong joon during that event, you can really feel his happiness and pride towards his fans. he even got emotional and near to tears with the abudant love that was showered to him on that special day. who wouldnt be teary eyed on that ocassion ? everybody seem to be very happy and the cheering for yong joon is so joyous...yong joon must be feeling so lucky that he has these fans who are unconditionally supporting him and always cheering him on during the ups and downs in his career. and....he has this cute birthday a touching gesture from the fans...oh, before i forget, yong joon looked good on that day. he's wearing this greenish hanging shirt and a creamish denim pants...yummy, good enough to eat ^=^

but everything must come to an end...after his meeting with the fans, yong joon has to run to the airport to catch his plane for seoul. that was an emotional day for me, much more to those fans who were in taiwan. on that day i felt like missing him already and he has not even stepped in the gates of the airport. it was a bittersweet feeling for me coz i dont know when i will have again this chance of seeing him that often, morning till night, upon my waking hours and before i go to sleep, as if i was there with him....and suddenly, he is so out of reach again, so far away...

but that beautiful weekend will be an unforgettable one. a wonderful dream that came true even from a distance. i had this chance of seeing so much of yong joon...and i must admit, the more i see him, the more i love him...and somehow this feeling just grows and grows...