Sunday, August 14, 2005

kiss me....

"Oh kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor..."

i wrote in my previous entry that i will blog my yong joon birthday thoughts in my next posting but i think i have to defer this. my thoughts have gone haywire since i saw the main trailer of April Snow & have to bring this out in the open or what's so haywiring about this trailer?? first, the tone and mood of the trailer is so sad & beautiful that i felt like crying & wondering what's going to be the fate of the 2 main characters and....i just witnessed a different kind of "yong joon kiss" !!!

ok, this "kiss" was probably written about in quite a number of news articles, even featured in quite a number of artworks of BYJ fans and blogged about by quite a number of BYJ bloggers and i'm here right now, itching to add my thoughts on the list.

the BYJ dramas i've seen plus his debut film "Untold Scandal" showed us varying degrees of a "yong joon kiss". in his dramas, most are oh so sweet & tender and even the supposedly passionate kisses in Hotelier were obviously "acted & positioned" and not "felt & spontaneous" and there's even one kiss scene that was cut ( crazy director...sori, but got to say that !) his supposedly passionate kiss in Untold Scandal was treated in a different manner too. more of a theatrical approach rather than a more realistic one. am not saying that it was not great but its just how the director sees it thus, the way yong joon interpreted it.

anyway, the kiss i witnessed in April Snow, even if its only seconds and just the tip of a very hot iceberg, it showed a natural, spontaneous act. i really felt the heated passion between the two, the desperate desire for each other, the helplessness with their feelings. actually, the first time i saw it, i just felt numb and my mind went blank coz its the first time i saw yong joon did that, first time i saw ye jin did that. and i was amazed at how it was projected. there's both passion and love in that scene and you can sense that the scene was meant as an affirmation of their illicit love, a culmination of their unspoken desire and yet does not intend to steal the very essence of the story.

seriousness aside, i saw another glimpse of a sexy yong joon !! boy, he can kiss. of course i'm sure the guy can kiss!! its just that yong joon projects this image that he is kind of shy when it comes to kissing onscreen but i'm really glad that he finally let his guard down & show us the more vulnerable side of himself, though i know its only acting but somehow, i got a glimpse of how yong joon looks like while he is to end this now coz i'm going somewhere where i should not go !!!! i'm short circuiting here !!! oh my gosh, the more i want to see the in now..!! the longer i wait, the more i get frustrated !!! i can just imagine the quiet or loud (?!) ooohhs & aahhs from his fans when the entire love scene is shown. i, i'm sure i'll probably swoon with envy...just hope i'll have enough air left in my comes the sleepless nights again....

got to take my hats off to Director Hur Jin-ho. he was able to guide these two actors to sort of take the plunge in that scene and simply let go. and of course, i've also got to take my hats off to BYJ & SYJ for giving us that soon to be "unforgettable love scene". for giving us a love story that i think will become a favorite of many. i think we have a classic film in our midst.