Monday, August 22, 2005

the more i see you...

oh wow, that was one heck of a weekend following every move of yong joon in Taiwan. that is , following him around on tv and the net. his April Snow promo gigs in Taiwan from aug 19-21 was i think a big success though i find the taiwanese reporters a bit aggressive towards my yong joon. and the fans ? i think they were so lucky coz they were able to get near the Man!!

after more than 2 months of not seeing him, i must say he looks magnificently gorgeous. he simply took my breath away !!! he looks refreshed, well rested, happy and oh so gloriously handsome. my eyes just popped out of the sockets the first time i saw him in the airport. i felt so happy....i was at home working and took my chance in some of the cable channels from taiwan....and lo and behold, there's a live footage of the taiwan airport with byj fans all over !!! ha, so they're probably going to telecast his arrival, i told myself......and yes, oh yes, they did !!! he was just so adorable when he made his first appearance and the jostling and pushing from the reporters and fans began. and the smile never wavered. so nice and friendly to the fans and the too aggressive taiwanese reporters. it took him a while before he got out of the airport and the jostling continued until he arrived at the Grand Hotel where he was billeted. and i saw it on tv too !! imagine just walking from the main entrance to the main staircase where there's this big AS poster took him quite some time coz of the volume of people trying to get near him !!

ok, after all the hoopla on yong joon's arrival, comes next is the April Snow press conference with Director Hur Jin-ho. oh wow, he looks stunningly handsome wearing that favorite specs of mine. as usual the attention is centered on yong joon. i felt a bit embarrased for dir Hur coz he was kind of forgotten in all the BYJ excitement. but i guess he knows this will happen and he's prepared for utmost respect to dir hur !! looks like yong joon enjoyed the presscon and as always, he is so cordial and a gentleman and though i did not understand a word they were saying, looks like yong joon responded to all the questions with the right answers, well, that's my yong joon, always ready and prepared. hey, i think i'm getting too detailed in here. i'm supposed to be jotting down my thoughts and i'm here detailing all his moves...well, cant help it, i missed the guy so much and i want to capture every moment that i saw him on tv coz this may not happen again. anyway, to make the story a bit shorter, i am so happy seeing him again and am so happy seeing him looking happy and healthy.

from friday to sunday, i had one of the best weekends of my time as a byj fan. i got to see him everyday & almost every hour on tv and it was pictures galore in the net thru eetv, tvbs, appledaily, etc...i was flooded with byj pictures and news and boy, what a great feeling that was. it was a nice feeling waking up in the morning that you will get to see lots of yong joon even only in TV and the net and this great reluctance to sleep at night knowing that the last day of his visit is just around the corner and i just dont want to let go of him yet.

i got to see him in a hand printing event, eating in a restaurant, visiting a sick fan in the hospital, visiting a studio, hanging out with kids and getting honored with a crown of fruits !! dont know much the story behind the symbolism of the crown of fruits though it was mentioned that it was an honorary thing or something, and i'm so proud of yong joon.

the best part probably of his taiwan trip is the meeting with the fans. about 2,000 fans had the chance to hang out with yong joon that gorgeous sunday morning. it was also kind of an advance birthday bash for him coz his birthday is on aug 29. looking at yong joon during that event, you can really feel his happiness and pride towards his fans. he even got emotional and near to tears with the abudant love that was showered to him on that special day. who wouldnt be teary eyed on that ocassion ? everybody seem to be very happy and the cheering for yong joon is so joyous...yong joon must be feeling so lucky that he has these fans who are unconditionally supporting him and always cheering him on during the ups and downs in his career. and....he has this cute birthday a touching gesture from the fans...oh, before i forget, yong joon looked good on that day. he's wearing this greenish hanging shirt and a creamish denim pants...yummy, good enough to eat ^=^

but everything must come to an end...after his meeting with the fans, yong joon has to run to the airport to catch his plane for seoul. that was an emotional day for me, much more to those fans who were in taiwan. on that day i felt like missing him already and he has not even stepped in the gates of the airport. it was a bittersweet feeling for me coz i dont know when i will have again this chance of seeing him that often, morning till night, upon my waking hours and before i go to sleep, as if i was there with him....and suddenly, he is so out of reach again, so far away...

but that beautiful weekend will be an unforgettable one. a wonderful dream that came true even from a distance. i had this chance of seeing so much of yong joon...and i must admit, the more i see him, the more i love him...and somehow this feeling just grows and grows...

Monday, August 15, 2005

officially missing yong joon

i've been saying all along that i miss yong joon, but i want him to enjoy his break, have quality time with his family & friends, more time for himself, etc. etc...and while missing him again so much last night, i started asking myself can i go on like this ? will i have the strength & determination to go on like this as a BYJ fan, patiently waiting for his rare public appearances, thirsting for more news about him, eagerly anticipating for his new pictures & VODs.....will i have the will power to remain this enthusiastic towards him, this devoted to him, this loyal to him or my thoughts will go wayward & i will look the other way towards another actor perhaps?? these thoughts kept on bugging me last night while i was reading a book. actually, it has been bugging me these past few days, but i stop myself from digging deeper for answers and just left those thoughts in limbo.

yeah, i think i've to put an end to these disturbing thoughts and try to put myself to where i really am where yong joon is concerned. i've already spent one precious year of my 23 years on this earth following and loving yong joon. i've spent time & resources just to get a cyber glimpse & media glimpse of this man. will this be just a one year wonder or will it last for a long time and will forever be etched in my so called unforgettable lifetime memories ? of course, its still to early to talk about lifetime, memories, etc...jeez, i do have a life still ahead of me. but i just want to know if this attraction to yong joon will go beyond the borders and not just a passing fancy but a true devotion that is meant to last for a long long time. hhmmm, very tough questions.

will i be able to withstand these 'extra challenges' of being a BYJ fan? yong joon may not remain very active as an actor for a long time coz he's already 33 y/o plus the fact that he wants to become a director in the forseeable future so i really have, based on my own estimate, about ten more years to follow yong joon ?? can i do that ? this past year alone is such a daunting task for me but another ten long years as an active BYJ fan ??

at this point in my "career" as a yong joon fan, i'm still very much into the "i love the actor thing". seeing yong joon in his dramas, movies, CFs, magazine covers gives me so much pleasure and excitement. but something is slowly but surely overtaking this "actor thing" in my subconsciousness. now, i'm definitely moving into a different BYJ realm. for the past few months, i see yong joon more as the real person rather than the actor, but then again, yong joon is this kind of actor who seems to have no pretensions. what you see on the screen somehow gives you a glimpse of the real person and i'm loving it. i love seeing the sincerity in his eyes, the warmth and respect in his voice, the humility in his movements. i'm definitely falling more in love with the yong joon as a person. yeah, the excitement and the giddiness are still very much in there but these feelings are more prominent now......respect for his values, admiration for his decisions & career management, awe in his tireless efforts & determination to further improve in his craft.

i think i can withstand a few more years with yong joon. say, another ten years or so ??

i'm very much looking forward to my bright future as a BYJ fan.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

kiss me....

"Oh kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor..."

i wrote in my previous entry that i will blog my yong joon birthday thoughts in my next posting but i think i have to defer this. my thoughts have gone haywire since i saw the main trailer of April Snow & have to bring this out in the open or what's so haywiring about this trailer?? first, the tone and mood of the trailer is so sad & beautiful that i felt like crying & wondering what's going to be the fate of the 2 main characters and....i just witnessed a different kind of "yong joon kiss" !!!

ok, this "kiss" was probably written about in quite a number of news articles, even featured in quite a number of artworks of BYJ fans and blogged about by quite a number of BYJ bloggers and i'm here right now, itching to add my thoughts on the list.

the BYJ dramas i've seen plus his debut film "Untold Scandal" showed us varying degrees of a "yong joon kiss". in his dramas, most are oh so sweet & tender and even the supposedly passionate kisses in Hotelier were obviously "acted & positioned" and not "felt & spontaneous" and there's even one kiss scene that was cut ( crazy director...sori, but got to say that !) his supposedly passionate kiss in Untold Scandal was treated in a different manner too. more of a theatrical approach rather than a more realistic one. am not saying that it was not great but its just how the director sees it thus, the way yong joon interpreted it.

anyway, the kiss i witnessed in April Snow, even if its only seconds and just the tip of a very hot iceberg, it showed a natural, spontaneous act. i really felt the heated passion between the two, the desperate desire for each other, the helplessness with their feelings. actually, the first time i saw it, i just felt numb and my mind went blank coz its the first time i saw yong joon did that, first time i saw ye jin did that. and i was amazed at how it was projected. there's both passion and love in that scene and you can sense that the scene was meant as an affirmation of their illicit love, a culmination of their unspoken desire and yet does not intend to steal the very essence of the story.

seriousness aside, i saw another glimpse of a sexy yong joon !! boy, he can kiss. of course i'm sure the guy can kiss!! its just that yong joon projects this image that he is kind of shy when it comes to kissing onscreen but i'm really glad that he finally let his guard down & show us the more vulnerable side of himself, though i know its only acting but somehow, i got a glimpse of how yong joon looks like while he is to end this now coz i'm going somewhere where i should not go !!!! i'm short circuiting here !!! oh my gosh, the more i want to see the in now..!! the longer i wait, the more i get frustrated !!! i can just imagine the quiet or loud (?!) ooohhs & aahhs from his fans when the entire love scene is shown. i, i'm sure i'll probably swoon with envy...just hope i'll have enough air left in my comes the sleepless nights again....

got to take my hats off to Director Hur Jin-ho. he was able to guide these two actors to sort of take the plunge in that scene and simply let go. and of course, i've also got to take my hats off to BYJ & SYJ for giving us that soon to be "unforgettable love scene". for giving us a love story that i think will become a favorite of many. i think we have a classic film in our midst.

Monday, August 01, 2005

what a wonderful world

ok, i'm being too dreamy again. i just feel so upbeat today that i really feel very happy to be jotting down thoughts on someone i like. its the first day of August and the major countdown begins. this is the month that yong joon will be making his public appearance again after his much needed break from filming. probably within this month we'll be seeing major promotions of the movie like trailers, more pictures, more news. this is the month that yong joon will have his fan meetings in Taiwan and Japan. only 2 countries ? i thought its going to be around 3 or 4?? well, i think this is ok since there are lots of activities lined up in this month & it would be too much for yong joon to be hopping around in so many countries & may affect again his health. he needs to recover his full strength coz his next project seems to be action packed.

going back to April Snow, August will also be the month that the movie will have its premiere in Seoul and i'm totally, absolutely envious of some Bae fans who are going to attend these bunggaes for the movie come 1st wk of Sept. . well, some people are just darn too lucky. if only i could just say to my boss, " Sir, may i take a leave of absence for one week coz i'll be going to korea to watch a movie ??"...he'll probably stare at me and bark, "Are you nuts ??", "But Sir, its a BYJ film, remember BYJ of winter sonata, your favorite k-drama?" boss is a closet k-drama fan...end of whisper... haha, he would probably give me his signature smirk and will tell me oh so gently, " ok young lady, you better finish that proposal or else you wont meet the deadline!", to work while others are having this chance of a lifetime of "probably" meeting yong joon in a bunggae...ha, just my luck!@#$

and...August is the month of yong joon's 33rd birthday !! its August 29 to be exact. one more year is added to my yong joon's charismatic career. but as a tradition, yong joon does not have much fanfare during his b-day. he just goes to work as if its just an ordinary day. typical. but anyway, i've declared that these BYJ birthday thoughts deserve an entry of its own and therefore, the next entry will be my bday offering to yong joon. my own b-day fanfare for him !!

anyhow, it just feels nice to know that yong joon's April Snow will finally be shown this September after a long wait since it was first announced last Dec 2004 (?), that long ?? i think i'm getting the hang of being a BYJ fan. i've cultivated the virtue of patience, and more patience in waiting.....hallmarks of a BYJ fan...sighs...

my thoughts are zigzagging again...

but for every happy moment, there's always a letdown. and this letdown is the fact that April Snow wont probably be shown in the Philippines either Sept or Oct. its even doubtful for Nov and Dec. major letdown indeed. i think i will just have to wait for the release of the dvd from yesasia which is about 3-4 months after the showing, probably Dec. or Jan 2006...ggrrhh, the waiting is just toooo loong....more patience my dear...

btw, the picture i posted is one of my favorites. i just love seeing him with kids. yong joon has a different kind of aura when he is with kids. he looks so carefree, happy and downright cute. it would be nice to see him married some day with a kid of his own...though i would be totally & insanely jealous, i would love love to see him happily settled in the future with kids of his own, preferably w/ 1 or 2 sons who look exactly like their dad !! oh, that would make a wonderful world indeed!!