Thursday, July 28, 2005

that certain smile......

....others call it the killer smile, some call it the million dollar smile but my own personalized name for it is simply yong joon's smile. it is that certain smile that can make your heart thud a little louder, that can make your eyes shine a little brighter and can make your lips curl a little higher. this smile is probably one of yong joon's greatest asset. it actually launched thousands of hearts fluttering all over asia and beyond. for me, i find yong joon's smile hauntingly beautiful with his wonderful eyes at the forefront that is capable of expressing a myriad of emotions. just gazing at his smile in a picture can make you feel lost and search for words. am i getting too exaggerated?? probably... but ask any byj fan and they would definitely give the same answer.

no wonder most of his pictures that are all over the internet, magazines, newspapers and in his numerous commercial endorsements, you will almost always see his warm smile. its his trademark, one of his biggest selling point. the smile is sincere, natural, friendly, uninhibited. it makes you feel that yong joon is a friend and is always there to give you a lift when you're down.

in his 2002 drama classic "winter sonata" he did not do the typical exaggerated acting one usually see in korean TV dramas, no exaggerated facial expressions, no over the top acting at all. but when he smiles at Yujin ( the female lead portrayed by choi jiwoo) you can feel all the underlying emotions that he feels towards his lady love. his smiles in this drama are so painfully honest and its probably one of the most understated, low key acting i've seen and yet it brings a heavy feeling that pierces your heart.

sighs.....happy smile or sad smile, no words are needed when yong joon smiles.....