Wednesday, July 27, 2005

my very first post

yes, i finally had the guts to come over here and register for my own blog !! how's that for courage and determination ?! i've been wanting to do this for quite some time but i always get nervous & scared in the idea of revealing my feelings in a public forum, but surprise surprise, i finally made it !! ok, so where do i go from here ?

this is really crazy, i can't even complete a month's entry in my personal journal and here i am, in the midst of starting a blog to express my views, share my opinions, provoke my thoughts on, not on global terrorism, no way on 6 party talks, definitely no iraq war statements here, nope, no gas emission protests either...........but on something more personal, something that has been bugging me for quite some time, something that is very close to my heart........this blog is going to explore anything and everything i feel & think about this certain korean actor who has totally captured my attention since middle of last year.....and he's none other than.......BAE YONG JOON.

yup, this blog is meant as an outlet for my ever increasing adoration, attraction, fascination for bae yong joon or yong joon or simply byj. this blog would catalogue my once in a lifetime craziness over an actor. have never been this seriously involved with a public figure. i've had plenty of crushes among famous american & british personalities, but this is the very first time that i've allowed myself to indulge in dreams & fantasies about a certain male celebrity. hopefully this blog would be my vehicle in capturing my "byj crazy" thoughts that has been spinning in my head ever since i realized i have this "magnificent obssession" with byj. kind of scary, huh?! nah, i'm just being honest here. going gaga over yong joon is an irresistible urge but a great feeling. to jot down and exress my feelings freely is such a high that makes me want to give bungee jumping and paragliding a try :)

now, the next question would probably be....why Bae Yong Joon ?? yeah, why him ?? why choose a Korean actor ?? let me count the ways that should discourage me...byj has done only one movie so far, has just completed his second film after almost 2 years since his first movie came out, had done 10 dramas in his 10 years or so in korean showbiz, he's more often out of the limelight & when he's out, he's nowhere to be found, terribly elusive for interviews, rarely seen in tv programs unless its a taped & very quick interview, notorious in having long breaks in between works, as in 7 months to about 2 years ......why in heaven's name did i chose this actor to be the focal point of this blog ?? why the heck will i spend time, resources, & a good portion of my brain cells to compose sentences, paragraphs to extol this man ?? hhmmmm, now i'm pondering as to the whys, hows, whats and all the questions i can think of that could answer my fascination for this gorgeous hunk of a man...

as a reminder to myself, as much as possible, i will try not to repost articles, news reports, interviews of yong joon in this blog. those things can be found in his various fan sites. as much as possible, i will try to post only byj thoughts that's been distracting me from time to time. "pure & innocent" thoughts on yong ;)