Friday, July 29, 2005

me and my shadow...

"Like the wallpaper sticks to the wall
Like you'll never get rid of your shadow
You'll never get rid of me

Let all the others fight and fuss
Whatever happens, we've got us...."

wallpaper sticking to the wall?? sounds not too romantic ya? whenever i hear robbie williams & his friend jonathan wilkes sing this song, i always have a good laugh & can just imagine the rapport between rob & his friend, funny crazy guys !! and this song also reminds me of my attachment to yong joon, that i'm seriously crazy about yong joon :) "whatever happens, we've got us..." but with yong joon, it think its more like.."whatever happens yong joon, you still got me.." ha, that's pure & simple one sided relationship. of course, what do i expect ?? he doesnt even have an iota of an idea that a certain frances from the philippines exists in this world. and to add another kick in the butt, i havent even gone to korea, the mecca for all BYJ fans. have not breathe the air HE breaths nor walk on the ground HE treads.

actually, i could have gone to Korea early this year & visit Samcheok, but i just had a change of mind. first, it was awfully cold in Korea, after my cold cold experience in canada, i'm really finding all the excuses in not going to cold places. ggrrrrhh, just cant stand the cold weather, i guess i'm simply the typical tropical kind of gal. second, i dont know what i will do or what will happen to me if i have the chance to meet yong joon up close & personal. i would probably shriek at the top of my lungs & break the eardrums of all those around me or drop dead on the floor and totally embarass myself to whoever is present in the scene. no can do, i've got to make a good impression on yong joon if ever i'll have my very first chance of seeing him. hihihi, hahaha, make a good impression ?? he probably would not even see me with all the people around him, plus the fact that i'm a petite girl and would reach only just about the top of the shoulder of yong joon ( i'm swooning here, coz he's my type of a tall guy).

i have this fantasy that when i meet yong joon for the first time, we'll have the chance to say at the very least a hi and hello to each other and probably have a picture taken with him beside me and with his arms around me. but with so many fans following him around, plus the hordes of reporters and his private staff, there's simply no chance for me to meet & talk to him, none, nil, zero chance at all. oh but i would dearly love to have even just a glimpse of him (i better start saving money again & plan a korean trip asap !!) .

but then again who knows?? miracles do happen... but with yong joon, i think i will need tons of prayers before i will even have a millimeter of a chance in seeing him in person. i'm so totally envious of many byj fans who had seen the man in person for more than once. really, where was i when the heavens opened up and started head counting the fans who will have the heavenly chance to see yong joon ??? or maybe i was not included in the "lucky fans" list coz somebody up there knows that i would probably make a scene & make a fool of myself if ever i see yong joon in person. hahaha!!

well, to see or not to see yong joon in person is not of paramount importance to me. it would be like a lottery win if ever i'll see him face to face but its still ok with me if i will not have that chance. what i truly feel lucky and blessed is knowing that a certain yong joon exist on this earth and he has been making me and thousands upon thousands of ladies happy and oh so very happy. and with that, in the years to come, yong joon be warned... you will definitely have difficulty in getting rid of me..... :)