Thursday, July 28, 2005

bewitched, bothered and bewildered

"Oohh I'll sing to him
Bring springs to him
And worship the trousers that cling to him
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I...."

another great (among so many greats !!) asset of this guy is his 180cm gorgeous physique. he's tall, lean & has great long legs. has broad shoulders and ....i can go on and on enumerating all his physical attributes. oh and one more, even the way he walks is to die for. got to make a confession here, that gorgeous body is the main reason why i bought a copy of The Image Vol 1. imagine, i spent US$150 for a photobook of an actor and just to ogle and drool at yong joon's body. before yong joon came into my life, the idea of spending money on a fave actor is a no no to me. i dont even buy DVDs of movies of my other fave actors, i just rent them from a video store. but after yong joon entered the scene, its a must now for me to save money and buy BYJ products. yesasia should be thankful to yong joon !!

during the promo of this classy and expensive The Image photobook, i saw for the first time several photos of an entirely different yong joon. not the yong joon that inhabited my mind for a number of months but an entirely different man that has a jaw dropping , mouth watering body. i was totally speechless !! it was a yong joon that was roughened up, buffed and so much to my shrieking delight. i'm not really into the muscular arnold/rambo kind of body but the shape and contour of yong joon's newly sculpted body is simply beyond me. to die for.

i'm also aware that there are some fans who got turned off by the new image of yong joon. this is one thing that i dont understand & i dont want to dwell on. each is entitled to one's opinion and my opinion is still >> yong joon did a great job with his body. i admire his courage & tenacity in going through the rigours of this physical change and his determination despite that fact that this change may have a negative impact to some of his fans. true enough, he may have lost some fans but he surely gained a lot more not only for the new sexy appearance but more on appreciation on his efforts and determination in achieving this goal.

okay, i kept harping about that sexy bod but i must say, The Image is one great collection of honest to goodness photos of yong joon. the places they visited, the people they encountered, the clothes he wore, the people who worked hard on the album are all amazing. i'm sure it was one hell of an experience for yong joon. it was a great visual experience for me !! and the interview of yong joon is so cute & funny. this guy is witty and funny and oh so lovable during the interview. sighs....what else is there not to love about yong joon...sighs....

going back to that hunk of a bod, i'm not actually knowledgeable about the regimens of buffing a body like the right proportions of muscles, abs and so forth, but yong joon's newly shaped body looks realy good. plus he looks much better than the other muscular actors coz his handsome & sophisticated aura somehow complements wonderfully the edginess of this newly sculpted body and what a magnificent contrast. gentle & refined looking on the outside, hard and edgy on the inside...not bad at all. just look at that picture, need i say more ??

is it hot in here or what ??? and looking at the picture just now made me realize that its not only the trousers that i should worship, please throw in the white towel....bowing before the oh so lucky towel ^=^