Thursday, July 28, 2005

ain't that a kick in the head...

"My head keeps spinnin',
I go to sleep and keep grinnin'
If this is just the beginnin'
My life is gonna be beautiful...."

haha, i'm getting mushy again !! but actually i find it a bit difficult these couple of days to express my thoughts on yong joon. i have been getting mixed feelings lately like i'm getting too restless from missing him too much and yet i'm feeling happy that he's getting a much needed break then comes in my feeling of apprehension that yong joon will slip away again from our sight and will be gone for a number of months or so. i know he will start shooting his TV drama GKFGS but still, i have this nagging feeling of "i'm already missing yong joon again"...i'm really going nuts !!. being a BYJ fan should have conditioned my mind of knowing that yong joon can disappear anytime and will reappear after a certain period of time. and being a BYJ fan, its a must that one should be patient, very patient and very very patient. this is the only way we can hold on to our sanity whenever yong joon makes his habitual disappearing act. whispers....actually, i'm oh so glad that he's way too popular nowadays coz he'll find it a bit difficult to just disappear for a long time coz he knows many fluttering hearts need a daily dose of BYJ inspiration........ anyway, the latest from yong joon is that the two main posters from his second movie, "April Snow" just came out and they were really a beauty. this is my favorite :)

looking at this poster reminds me that yong joon is indeed a very good actor, a captivating performer and a genuine megastar. i'm sure he'll go places if only this guy would really pick up his pace and do more quality films or even TV dramas. okay, the part of my brain that is solely allocated for yong joon suddenly stopped thinking of other BYJ stuff and just thought of this dream or wishful thinking that my yong joon would finally go full blast in his acting career and not just remain as that popular actor who is more often out of the limelight.

oh, it would be a blast if i will see yong joon year in and year out, doing such great films with great directors. i think yong joon owe this to himself or else he'll just be wasting all his God given talents. and partly, i think he also owes it to his fans who are always there giving him encouragement. fans are fans, we may not admit it but we really want to see yong joon more often in the limelight. the more the better the merrier. but on the other hand, being a BYJ fan, its kind of a given rule among his fans that its totally acceptable if BYJ will decide not to make any project immediately.
BYJ fans are used to just wait for yong joon to decide when he is keen again in doing another project. jeez, just writing this sentences about waiting for yong joon is already making me "impatient", i guess i still have a long way to go as a BYJ fan. i'm really wishing that yong joon will put an end to his tradition of going into long breaks in between works....that's the selfish side of me talking again.

anyway, with all the unbelievable things that are happening around yong joon, i have this strong feeling that this is just the beginning, sort of an appetizer. after April Snow, yong joon will go the distance , take the extra mile and further challenge his creativity with more breathtaking films. i will definitely be there to cheer him on and yes, the selfish side of me will be just too happy by having yong joon more often in my peripheral vision !! really, i can just imagine myself having this giddy grin plastered on my face ....imagine, a yearly feast of bae yong joon !!