Friday, July 29, 2005

me and my shadow...

"Like the wallpaper sticks to the wall
Like you'll never get rid of your shadow
You'll never get rid of me

Let all the others fight and fuss
Whatever happens, we've got us...."

wallpaper sticking to the wall?? sounds not too romantic ya? whenever i hear robbie williams & his friend jonathan wilkes sing this song, i always have a good laugh & can just imagine the rapport between rob & his friend, funny crazy guys !! and this song also reminds me of my attachment to yong joon, that i'm seriously crazy about yong joon :) "whatever happens, we've got us..." but with yong joon, it think its more like.."whatever happens yong joon, you still got me.." ha, that's pure & simple one sided relationship. of course, what do i expect ?? he doesnt even have an iota of an idea that a certain frances from the philippines exists in this world. and to add another kick in the butt, i havent even gone to korea, the mecca for all BYJ fans. have not breathe the air HE breaths nor walk on the ground HE treads.

actually, i could have gone to Korea early this year & visit Samcheok, but i just had a change of mind. first, it was awfully cold in Korea, after my cold cold experience in canada, i'm really finding all the excuses in not going to cold places. ggrrrrhh, just cant stand the cold weather, i guess i'm simply the typical tropical kind of gal. second, i dont know what i will do or what will happen to me if i have the chance to meet yong joon up close & personal. i would probably shriek at the top of my lungs & break the eardrums of all those around me or drop dead on the floor and totally embarass myself to whoever is present in the scene. no can do, i've got to make a good impression on yong joon if ever i'll have my very first chance of seeing him. hihihi, hahaha, make a good impression ?? he probably would not even see me with all the people around him, plus the fact that i'm a petite girl and would reach only just about the top of the shoulder of yong joon ( i'm swooning here, coz he's my type of a tall guy).

i have this fantasy that when i meet yong joon for the first time, we'll have the chance to say at the very least a hi and hello to each other and probably have a picture taken with him beside me and with his arms around me. but with so many fans following him around, plus the hordes of reporters and his private staff, there's simply no chance for me to meet & talk to him, none, nil, zero chance at all. oh but i would dearly love to have even just a glimpse of him (i better start saving money again & plan a korean trip asap !!) .

but then again who knows?? miracles do happen... but with yong joon, i think i will need tons of prayers before i will even have a millimeter of a chance in seeing him in person. i'm so totally envious of many byj fans who had seen the man in person for more than once. really, where was i when the heavens opened up and started head counting the fans who will have the heavenly chance to see yong joon ??? or maybe i was not included in the "lucky fans" list coz somebody up there knows that i would probably make a scene & make a fool of myself if ever i see yong joon in person. hahaha!!

well, to see or not to see yong joon in person is not of paramount importance to me. it would be like a lottery win if ever i'll see him face to face but its still ok with me if i will not have that chance. what i truly feel lucky and blessed is knowing that a certain yong joon exist on this earth and he has been making me and thousands upon thousands of ladies happy and oh so very happy. and with that, in the years to come, yong joon be warned... you will definitely have difficulty in getting rid of me..... :)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

ain't that a kick in the head...

"My head keeps spinnin',
I go to sleep and keep grinnin'
If this is just the beginnin'
My life is gonna be beautiful...."

haha, i'm getting mushy again !! but actually i find it a bit difficult these couple of days to express my thoughts on yong joon. i have been getting mixed feelings lately like i'm getting too restless from missing him too much and yet i'm feeling happy that he's getting a much needed break then comes in my feeling of apprehension that yong joon will slip away again from our sight and will be gone for a number of months or so. i know he will start shooting his TV drama GKFGS but still, i have this nagging feeling of "i'm already missing yong joon again"...i'm really going nuts !!. being a BYJ fan should have conditioned my mind of knowing that yong joon can disappear anytime and will reappear after a certain period of time. and being a BYJ fan, its a must that one should be patient, very patient and very very patient. this is the only way we can hold on to our sanity whenever yong joon makes his habitual disappearing act. whispers....actually, i'm oh so glad that he's way too popular nowadays coz he'll find it a bit difficult to just disappear for a long time coz he knows many fluttering hearts need a daily dose of BYJ inspiration........ anyway, the latest from yong joon is that the two main posters from his second movie, "April Snow" just came out and they were really a beauty. this is my favorite :)

looking at this poster reminds me that yong joon is indeed a very good actor, a captivating performer and a genuine megastar. i'm sure he'll go places if only this guy would really pick up his pace and do more quality films or even TV dramas. okay, the part of my brain that is solely allocated for yong joon suddenly stopped thinking of other BYJ stuff and just thought of this dream or wishful thinking that my yong joon would finally go full blast in his acting career and not just remain as that popular actor who is more often out of the limelight.

oh, it would be a blast if i will see yong joon year in and year out, doing such great films with great directors. i think yong joon owe this to himself or else he'll just be wasting all his God given talents. and partly, i think he also owes it to his fans who are always there giving him encouragement. fans are fans, we may not admit it but we really want to see yong joon more often in the limelight. the more the better the merrier. but on the other hand, being a BYJ fan, its kind of a given rule among his fans that its totally acceptable if BYJ will decide not to make any project immediately.
BYJ fans are used to just wait for yong joon to decide when he is keen again in doing another project. jeez, just writing this sentences about waiting for yong joon is already making me "impatient", i guess i still have a long way to go as a BYJ fan. i'm really wishing that yong joon will put an end to his tradition of going into long breaks in between works....that's the selfish side of me talking again.

anyway, with all the unbelievable things that are happening around yong joon, i have this strong feeling that this is just the beginning, sort of an appetizer. after April Snow, yong joon will go the distance , take the extra mile and further challenge his creativity with more breathtaking films. i will definitely be there to cheer him on and yes, the selfish side of me will be just too happy by having yong joon more often in my peripheral vision !! really, i can just imagine myself having this giddy grin plastered on my face ....imagine, a yearly feast of bae yong joon !!

bewitched, bothered and bewildered

"Oohh I'll sing to him
Bring springs to him
And worship the trousers that cling to him
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I...."

another great (among so many greats !!) asset of this guy is his 180cm gorgeous physique. he's tall, lean & has great long legs. has broad shoulders and ....i can go on and on enumerating all his physical attributes. oh and one more, even the way he walks is to die for. got to make a confession here, that gorgeous body is the main reason why i bought a copy of The Image Vol 1. imagine, i spent US$150 for a photobook of an actor and just to ogle and drool at yong joon's body. before yong joon came into my life, the idea of spending money on a fave actor is a no no to me. i dont even buy DVDs of movies of my other fave actors, i just rent them from a video store. but after yong joon entered the scene, its a must now for me to save money and buy BYJ products. yesasia should be thankful to yong joon !!

during the promo of this classy and expensive The Image photobook, i saw for the first time several photos of an entirely different yong joon. not the yong joon that inhabited my mind for a number of months but an entirely different man that has a jaw dropping , mouth watering body. i was totally speechless !! it was a yong joon that was roughened up, buffed and so much to my shrieking delight. i'm not really into the muscular arnold/rambo kind of body but the shape and contour of yong joon's newly sculpted body is simply beyond me. to die for.

i'm also aware that there are some fans who got turned off by the new image of yong joon. this is one thing that i dont understand & i dont want to dwell on. each is entitled to one's opinion and my opinion is still >> yong joon did a great job with his body. i admire his courage & tenacity in going through the rigours of this physical change and his determination despite that fact that this change may have a negative impact to some of his fans. true enough, he may have lost some fans but he surely gained a lot more not only for the new sexy appearance but more on appreciation on his efforts and determination in achieving this goal.

okay, i kept harping about that sexy bod but i must say, The Image is one great collection of honest to goodness photos of yong joon. the places they visited, the people they encountered, the clothes he wore, the people who worked hard on the album are all amazing. i'm sure it was one hell of an experience for yong joon. it was a great visual experience for me !! and the interview of yong joon is so cute & funny. this guy is witty and funny and oh so lovable during the interview. sighs....what else is there not to love about yong joon...sighs....

going back to that hunk of a bod, i'm not actually knowledgeable about the regimens of buffing a body like the right proportions of muscles, abs and so forth, but yong joon's newly shaped body looks realy good. plus he looks much better than the other muscular actors coz his handsome & sophisticated aura somehow complements wonderfully the edginess of this newly sculpted body and what a magnificent contrast. gentle & refined looking on the outside, hard and edgy on the inside...not bad at all. just look at that picture, need i say more ??

is it hot in here or what ??? and looking at the picture just now made me realize that its not only the trousers that i should worship, please throw in the white towel....bowing before the oh so lucky towel ^=^

that certain smile......

....others call it the killer smile, some call it the million dollar smile but my own personalized name for it is simply yong joon's smile. it is that certain smile that can make your heart thud a little louder, that can make your eyes shine a little brighter and can make your lips curl a little higher. this smile is probably one of yong joon's greatest asset. it actually launched thousands of hearts fluttering all over asia and beyond. for me, i find yong joon's smile hauntingly beautiful with his wonderful eyes at the forefront that is capable of expressing a myriad of emotions. just gazing at his smile in a picture can make you feel lost and search for words. am i getting too exaggerated?? probably... but ask any byj fan and they would definitely give the same answer.

no wonder most of his pictures that are all over the internet, magazines, newspapers and in his numerous commercial endorsements, you will almost always see his warm smile. its his trademark, one of his biggest selling point. the smile is sincere, natural, friendly, uninhibited. it makes you feel that yong joon is a friend and is always there to give you a lift when you're down.

in his 2002 drama classic "winter sonata" he did not do the typical exaggerated acting one usually see in korean TV dramas, no exaggerated facial expressions, no over the top acting at all. but when he smiles at Yujin ( the female lead portrayed by choi jiwoo) you can feel all the underlying emotions that he feels towards his lady love. his smiles in this drama are so painfully honest and its probably one of the most understated, low key acting i've seen and yet it brings a heavy feeling that pierces your heart.

sighs.....happy smile or sad smile, no words are needed when yong joon smiles.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

they're playing our song.....

i know this is kind of weird or something, but whenever i think of yong joon, a melody or lyrics of a song comes to my mind. how's that ?? yong joon = music to my ears?? yeah, you can say that again. i grew up in a family that loves music & old movies. my dad loves the songs of cole porter, ira/george gershwin, johnny mercer, ac jobim and a great fan of sinatra, nat king cole, nina simone, streisand and my mom loves to play the piano. i grew up hearing the songs of these great composers and singers and watching movies of gable, tracy, hepburn, bergman, bogart, grant, stewart. this kind of music was so ingrained in my upbringing that probably this is the reason why most of the time, when i see yong joon, i associate his aura, his moods, his looks to the songs i learned to love and grew up with.

alright, i also love the music of john myer, coldplay, dream theater & robbie williams but for me, hearing these old songs tend to give more meaning and magic to the things that i see around me and to the people i have learned to love. yong joon is one of the people i have learned to love and he brings out the music in my mind.

so i've decided that in some of my upcoming entries in this blog, i will start with the lyrics of a particular song that i feel has a special meaning to what i'm presently feeling towards yong joon. it may sound too corny or too mushy but hey, that's how i feel and there is nothing more honest than to express & say what you feel. so from hereon my dear yong joon, let's play our songs together....

why Bae Yong Joon ??

its that question again. actually i also asked myself a hundred times why i'm so engrossed with this man. there is definitely something about yong joon that caught my attention. yeah, he's one good looking package, got a great physique, got a terribly sexy voice, got gorgeous aristocratic nose, got sexy lips, got a princely posture, got a sophisticated aura......but i can also make these descriptions with some of the more famous american or british actors like brad pitt, george clooney, johnny depp, jude law, hugh jackman, clive owen, orlando bloom and so on....then why Bae Yong Joon ??

first of all, the first thing that captured my attention is his eyes. those cute, smallish, clear, powerfully expressive eyes. and whenever i look into yong joon's eyes , i always find a certain aloofness, a certain loneliness, a certain weariness, a certain longing for something that makes most of my feminine genes, hormones, cells cry out and have this urge to hold him, hug him, comfort him. so, is this the reason why i'm so attracted to this fine young man ? yong joon is turning 33 this august 29 and he's a good ten years my senior but i always have this feeling of giving him some kind of a tender loving care coz he just looks so lonesome to me. whenever i have the chance to see him in pictures & VODs, he's always surrounded by people and yet he always seem to be standing all alone. the people around him seem to disappear and all i see is only yong joon with this lonesome aura. not a very good thought but that's how i see him. of course, let's not forget the fact that he's way too hot and sexy for my own comfort but the uppermost feeling that i have for yong joon is to give him comfort , a tight hug and reassurance that there are still beautiful and magical things in this world . hey, i think i'm beginning to sound too maternal, probably my maternal instincts, genes, hormones, however you call it are kicking in but am i not too young to be feeling this way ?? jeez, if only yong joon knows what he is doing to me.....

another thing that attracts me to this guy is this sincere & intellectual aura he projects. when i look at yong joon, i can sense depth and character in his persona. not the typical celebrity who is more superficial than real. with yong joon, i can feel inner strength and determination coupled with warmth and humility. he simply exudes such a positive aura that no wonder, he's probably the only korean actor that attracts the most number of fans who are sophisticated and intellectuals. i wont lump myself among these elite group of byj fans coz i still feel so lacking in all aspects :( but just wait a few more years yong joon, i will definitely rise to the occasion ^0^ dream on frances....

my very first post

yes, i finally had the guts to come over here and register for my own blog !! how's that for courage and determination ?! i've been wanting to do this for quite some time but i always get nervous & scared in the idea of revealing my feelings in a public forum, but surprise surprise, i finally made it !! ok, so where do i go from here ?

this is really crazy, i can't even complete a month's entry in my personal journal and here i am, in the midst of starting a blog to express my views, share my opinions, provoke my thoughts on, not on global terrorism, no way on 6 party talks, definitely no iraq war statements here, nope, no gas emission protests either...........but on something more personal, something that has been bugging me for quite some time, something that is very close to my heart........this blog is going to explore anything and everything i feel & think about this certain korean actor who has totally captured my attention since middle of last year.....and he's none other than.......BAE YONG JOON.

yup, this blog is meant as an outlet for my ever increasing adoration, attraction, fascination for bae yong joon or yong joon or simply byj. this blog would catalogue my once in a lifetime craziness over an actor. have never been this seriously involved with a public figure. i've had plenty of crushes among famous american & british personalities, but this is the very first time that i've allowed myself to indulge in dreams & fantasies about a certain male celebrity. hopefully this blog would be my vehicle in capturing my "byj crazy" thoughts that has been spinning in my head ever since i realized i have this "magnificent obssession" with byj. kind of scary, huh?! nah, i'm just being honest here. going gaga over yong joon is an irresistible urge but a great feeling. to jot down and exress my feelings freely is such a high that makes me want to give bungee jumping and paragliding a try :)

now, the next question would probably be....why Bae Yong Joon ?? yeah, why him ?? why choose a Korean actor ?? let me count the ways that should discourage me...byj has done only one movie so far, has just completed his second film after almost 2 years since his first movie came out, had done 10 dramas in his 10 years or so in korean showbiz, he's more often out of the limelight & when he's out, he's nowhere to be found, terribly elusive for interviews, rarely seen in tv programs unless its a taped & very quick interview, notorious in having long breaks in between works, as in 7 months to about 2 years ......why in heaven's name did i chose this actor to be the focal point of this blog ?? why the heck will i spend time, resources, & a good portion of my brain cells to compose sentences, paragraphs to extol this man ?? hhmmmm, now i'm pondering as to the whys, hows, whats and all the questions i can think of that could answer my fascination for this gorgeous hunk of a man...

as a reminder to myself, as much as possible, i will try not to repost articles, news reports, interviews of yong joon in this blog. those things can be found in his various fan sites. as much as possible, i will try to post only byj thoughts that's been distracting me from time to time. "pure & innocent" thoughts on yong ;)